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Silverton Challenge

Silverton , CO 6 Day, 72hrs , 48hrs , 24hrs

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Silverton 1000 Challenge

Start dates

The 6 Day will start on August 26th at 9am, the 72 hour on August 29th at 9am, the 48 hour on August 30th at 9am, the 24 hour on August 31st at 9am. And NEW for 2014... a straight 100 Mile event will take place - it will have a 40 hour cutoff and will start on August 30th at 7 am. An awards ceremony for the 100 miler, the 24, 48, 72 Hour & 6 Day events will be on Sept. 1st at 10am.  The awards ceremony for the 1000 mile event (if anyone qualifies) will be on Sept. 13th at 10am.

NEW for 2014 - 100 miler!!!

That's right!!! New for 2014 and beyond... we will now offer a straight 100 mile race which will be run on the same 1 mile loop as all of the other races and will be even more of a challenge as we will only allow runners 40 hours to complete this challenge. The 100 Miler will have a special start time of 7am on August 30th. Do you have what it takes?

24, 48 and 72 Hour Run

The 5th Annual Silverton Multi-Day Challenge includes tons of fun for any adventurous soul! The 72 hour race will start on August 29th at 9am, the 48 hour on August 30th at 9 am, and the 24 hour on August 31st at 9am. All of these events will end on September 1st at 9am and then will have an awards ceremony/bbq to follow at 10am. All participants will receive a goody bag that includes a technical shirt, hat, and other goodies and donated items, if any.

Participants will set up camp near the Kendall Mountain Ski lodge at 9318 feet elevation and wear a bib tag around their waist.  All runners must cross the timing mat at the base of Kendall Mountain, climb 250 vertical feet around a one mile loop as many times as possible in their allotted time.  Participants will endure the elements of the San Juan Mountains around the clock as they fight sleep deprivation and possible heat, rain, lightning and snow.  Runners can camp near the big tent where runners will cross the timing mat. There is a very nominal camping/parking fee of $2 per night that is included in your registration fee and goes to the town of Silverton.

6 Day Run

The Silverton 6 Day Run is part of the Silverton Multi-Day Challenge and will be held on the same 1 mile loop as the 100 mile, 24hr, 48hr & 72 hour runs. The 6 day race will start on August 26th at 9am and will conclude on September 1st at 9am. The event will be chip timed and each loop will have 250 feet of climb and descent.

All six day runners will be automatic entrants into the 1000 mile Challenge. There will be no additional cost to continue on in the 1000 Mile challenge but the amenities and aid will drastically change at the conclusion of the 6 Day event (meaning no race aid whatsoever, pacers or medical help - basically you will be on your own to finish as the Race Director watches to make sure you meet the continuing qualifications of the challenge). At the end of the six day event, you will have the option to continue on with the 1000 mile challenge (if you qualify to do so) or to stop and be content with your current distance. Note, though, that you will only be able to continue on with the 1000 Mile Challenge if you have accumulated a minimum of 350 miles and if you have run at least one mile each and every hour for the past six days, as well. We'll be keeping track!

1000 Mile Challenge

The 1000 mile challenge will be run on the same one mile loop as the other Silverton Multi-Day Runs and will also be chip timed. Like the other runs, each loop will have 250 feet of climb and descent, which makes for a total of 250,000 feet of climb and descent for the 1000 miles.

Experience the ultimate endurance challenge. Run or walk 1000 miles around the base of Kendall Mountain in the small mountain town of Silverton, Colorado. In a new twist on the infamous 1809 challenge to Robert Barclay, Silverton 1000 participants may complete as many miles as they choose each hour until they reach 1000 miles (based on specific cutoffs described above and below). While the 24 hour, 48 hour, 72 hour, and 6 day runs are all “go as you please” format, meaning you may run or rest when you choose, in order to be eligible for the 1000 mile challenge, you much complete at least 1 mile/loop of the course each consecutive hour of the event.  In addition, there will be cutoffs in the 1000 mile challenge of 350 miles in 6 days, 700 miles in 12 days, and all 1000 miles in 18 days.

Participants will set up camp near the Kendall Mountain Ski lodge at 9300 feet elevation and wear a timing chip around their ankle. Runners must cross the timing mat at the base of Kendall Mountain, climb 250 vertical feet around a one mile loop at the base of Kendall Mountain at least one time each hour. Participants will endure the elements of the San Juan Mountains around the clock as they fight sleep deprivation, heat, rain, snow, and the accumulated fatigue of traveling at least 24 miles per day. If a participant fails to complete at least one mile on the course in any one hour, they will be disqualified from the Challenge. In addition, in order to proceed on in the 1000 Mile Challenge - you will also have to complete the minimum mileage of 350 miles for the first 6 days and 700 miles in 12 days, to continue.

Completing just one mile per hour for 1000 consecutive hours, it would take 41 days, 16 hours to complete the Silverton 1000 but to keep things interesting, we are only going to give you 18 days. Assuming it would take 20 minutes on average to complete the one mile loop, one would expect an approximate maximum of 1 hour and 20 minutes of sleep at any one time (by completing a mile at the beginning of hour 1 and the end of hour 2).

Sleeping arrangements

All 6 day runners will be given a specified area for sleeping in the heating tent - you will have access to a cot, a sleeping bag and the area will be yours for the entire race.

All 72hr, 48hr, and 24hr runners will have the option of bringing your own tent to use (must be pitched in the gravel next to the main aid station) or you may rent a tent from us - a small 7x7 tent will cost $50 and a larger 9x7 tent will cost $75 (*not a 12x8 as shown at checkout).

All runners will have access to chairs and tables set up throughout the aid station tent.

In addition, some electric blankets and sleeping bags may be available for use on a first come first use basis. If possible, additional heating tents will be set up for the non-6 day runners (as in years past).

Pacers and other information



Finally and most importantly - Any rule differences shown on www.silverton1000.com or any other page will not be followed as only the ones shown on this page are the official rules. The website www.silverton1000.com is in the process of being shutdown/transformed as the event will no longer include the 1000 mile race in 2015 and beyond. In addition the Facebook page is being transitioned as well and may show some differences.... Again... The rules on this registration page are the only official rules that must be followed. If you have a question please ask. Thank you.


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