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Saturday, Apr 9, 2011

Dead Sea Ultramarathon

Amman, Jordan 50K

This Event Took Place Sat. Apr 9, 2011


Under the patronage of HRH Prince Raad Bin Zeid the Dead Sea Ultra Marathon (DSUM) has witnessed 18 years of rising national and international recognition. The DSUM is held every April from Amman to the Dead Sea and is the main fund raising event for the Neurological Society, which is funded by donations from individuals, public and private companies, annual membership fees, as well as proceeds of sporting events.

The DSUM has had a successful record of accomplishments since it was first launched with several world record runners and champions participating in the event. In 2010, the DSUM broke all records as it marked a turning point in the future of the event as a national and international athletic, touristic and charitable event with the continuous support of Jordanian organizations and more than 5500 runners representing 52 nationalities. In 2011, the DSUM solidified its position as a world renowned athletic, touristic and charitable, attracting over 7000 runners from 52 countries across the globe.

The 19th Dead Sea Ultra Marathon will take place on April 6th 2012, more than 7000 participants are expected to participate.

Local time: 12:36 AM


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