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Saturday, Oct 30, 2010


Des Moines , IA 24hrs , 12hrs , 6hrs

This Event Took Place Sat. Oct 30, 2010


This event is designed so anyone competitive in his or her age/sex group could be the overall winner. The equalizers allow you to compete fairly with anyone you choose.


This event is designed for three purposes. First, it will provide an opportunity for new and veteran runners to test themselves at an ultra distance. Second, performances will be scored using an age/sex 'equalizer', providing the possibility of an overall victory to anyone who is normally competitive in their age group. Equalizers are determined based on age and gender. Overall awards will be distributed based on the total of actual distance plus the appropriate equalizer. Third, everyone has fun, and we mean everyone!

Pre Race dinner

A pre-race dinner will be held Friday, October 29. Details are still to be determined and will be emailed to each race participant as soon as possible. Dinner is free for participants. Extra meal tickets are available for $5 per person. Last year was a low key spaghetti dinner made by us and time for runners to get to know each other.

Local time: 7:28 PM


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