Sunday, Oct 14, 2012

Farm to Farm Ultra

184 Burnett Road

Freeport , ME 50 Miler, 50K

This Event Took Place Sun. Oct 14, 2012

Course Marking notes

On the roads: The road portion of the course (that's from the start to Crystal Spring Farm) is marked with red arrows on paper. These are either stapled to telephone poles or to short (~12" tall) wood stakes. They are positioned to be seen upon approach to a turn, up ahead. On the trails: The trail portion of the course (that's on the Crystal Spring Farm property) is marked with surveyor's "pin flags": bright orange flags on wire. These are stuck in the ground beside the trail ALWAYS ON THE RUNNER's RIGHT. Turns on the trail course are marked with red arrows on paper (the same signs used to mark the roads). These are stapled to short (~12" tall) wood stakes. The arrows are positioned to be seen upon approach to a turn, up ahead. ALL TRAIL TURNS are flagged with THREE PIN FLAGS on approach and THREE FLAGS after the turn. To repeat: Single pin flags mark the course on-going. Triples mark course turns in the trail

Race Day Registration:

Race day registration starts at 5:45 a.m., at Wolfe's Neck Farm for all racers, including all relay team members. Please bring an ID to present. We'll have coffee and hot water for tea. And cows.

Course Maps

Many maps and aerial photomaps of the start/finish venue (Wolfe's Neck Farm) the other end of the course (Crystal Spring Farm, Brunswick) and points in between.

Trails and Trees

Around Crystal Spring Farm

Local time: 6:27 AM


Brock Foreman
Race Director

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