Sunday, Jun 2, 2013 @ 10:00 AM
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Sorry, this event has been cancelled!

About the race

The “Raptor Ridge Challenge” namesake comes from the massive effort that was undertaken during an 8 month span in 2011 to construct the new 1.25 mile section of the Raptor Ridge Trail. The build was organized through the Whimps Mountain Bike Coalition in cooperation with Whatcom County Parks. Permit funding was generously donated by Fairhaven Runners and Walkers. Over a hundred volunteers contributed in 2,000 plus hours of trail construction. A long list of local businesses, clubs and individuals supported the effort with cash, resources and volunteers to make the trail a success.


Getting to the race and parking info

The start location has limited parking, about 30 spots. We know you are strong so we are encouraging racers to park in Fairhaven and warm up by running or biking the interurban trail 2 miles to the start. We will provide a secure place for you to leave a bag during the event. You may also be dropped off and picked up if you choose.
Parking not guaranteed more information regarding parking will be sent out closer to the event. Please understand that carpooling will be mandatory to park at the event. By registering you agree that you may have to park in Fairhaven and run or bike to the event.

Start location is at the North Chuckanut Trail Head parking lot 


Be prepared for an almost constant climb from the start at 91ft to the summit at 1,842ft. The course will run Clockwise starting from the North Chuckanut Trail Head Parking lot and follow the trails listed below in order. 

Parking lot trail to Interurban trail
Hemlock trail to Chuckanut falls trail 
Hemlock to Huckleberry trail
Back on hemlock head to Cedar lake trail
Counter clockwise around Cedar lake 
up to Cedar lake overlook, high point of the course
continue back down to Hemlock
back tracking to Raptor Ridge trail 
Raptor Ridge to Lost Lake trail 
Lost Lake north to Salal trail
up Salal then left down Lower Salal
Rejoin Lost lake to Hemlock 
back to the finish via Interurban

Pictures from the Raptor Ridge trail

Check out pictures from the construction of the Raptor ridge trail last year. Thank you to David Waugh for capturing these pictures of the build. When you run down the trail you'll see all the hard work that went in to bringing this trail to reality. 

Local time: 12:32 PM


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