This Event Took Place Sun. Jan 20, 2013

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 10th edition of Swamp Stomper!

Read all information on this page as well as the FAQs on the website prior to registering!

The 11th running of SwampStomper 50k/25k will take place Sunday, January 17, 2016.
50k start at 7:30am CST (9 hour cutoff). 25k start at 8:30am CST (8 hour cutoff).

Race cap is 200 people. However, the race returns to the Arkansas Ultra Running Association (AURA) Ultra Trail Series (UTS) this year and limited spots will remain open for the 50K probably until January 1, 2016 for active UTS participants (http:// UTS participants will also receive a $5 discount.
**If you use this discount and are NOT a registered UTS participant, you will be removed from the entrant list and your race fee will not be refunded!

All proceeds go back to the trails (

Please direct all questions to Additional information on race website.
Race director reserves right to refuse entry to anyone not following protocol. No whining!

Volunteers will have the opportunity to register early for 2017 SwampStomper.

Thanks for your continued support of SwampStomper and Meeman Shelby Forest State Park. JTH

Hilde Haynes Memorial Award -
in memory of Hilde's endless spirit and sportsmanship, her love for trails and running and people
2015- Andrea Stack
2014 - Sarah Harris

Nick Lewis, 4:10:06 (2012).
Ellen (Erhardt) Byron, 4:50:32 (2009).
Nick Lewis, 1:52:15 (2015).
Sunny Gilbert, 2:09:14 (2013).

FOR 2016
MALE - $200
FEMALE - $200

Local time: 7:02 PM


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