Saturday, Jun 2, 2012
This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 2, 2012


32 miles of pristine single track trails through aspen groves, pine forests, grassy meadows, rocky ridges and amazing views of the snow-capped Continental Divide. 7,250 Ft of Climbing and 7,250 ft of descending in this single loop course which is at 7,500 to 9,500 ft in elevation. $4800 in Cash Prizes. Post-race party will entertain you while you wait for your friends and the fun awards ceremony! HOT meaL RIGHT OFF THE GRILL, massage, The Zimmerman's live band, expo, in a beautiful mountain park setting!!!

12 Mile

12 miles of pristine single track trails in a single loop course. Cross a beautiful mountain stream 11 times in beautiful pine and aspen forests. You will enjoy amazing views of Mt. Evans and the snow-capped Continental Divide! This is a hard 12 mile trail race with approx. 4,000ft of climbing and 4,000 ft of descending. It is worth it though. No cut off time. Come join the fun! You will not want to miss the post-race party. Meal, massage, live band, expo and awards ceremony!


If you love meandering single track trails through peaceful aspen groves, grassy meadows, tranquil pine forests and rocky ridges with majestic views of snow capped mountains, you will LOVE this race!

7 Mile

The 7 mile course has approximately 1,500 ft of climbing and 1,500 ft of descending and follow the same course as the 12 mile race minus the climb up Windy Peak. 7 miles of stunning mountain single track trails. This is a great course for anyone wanting to try out mountain trial running and receive great support along the way!

Local time: 2:43 AM


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