Saturday, Aug 16, 2014 @ 5:00 AM

Eastern States 100

4205 Little Pine Creek Road

Waterville , PA 100 Miles

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 16, 2014

Registration is open until June 30. Several spots are available.

Use the Registration link on this page to get on the waitlist. You will not be charged until you are accepted. People will be selected in the order they joined the waitlist. If selected, please respond within 24 hours. If you do not respond in a timely fashion you will be removed from the list for this year.

Refund Policy

January 1 – May 31, 2014 we will refund $100.00 until the waitlist is cleared. If no one is on the waitlist, no refund.

June 1 – June 30 no refund unless you have failed to meet the qualifying standards, but we will adjust the final roster of participants and add people from the waitlist if we are notified of drops.

July 1 and later there will be no refund or change to the final registration roster. All participants will be listed as Finish, DNF or DNS.

All requests for refund and related questions should be addressed to Co-RD Denny:


When Race Directors get together, good things happen!  The PA Trail Dogs (Hyner View Trail Challenge, Rothrock Trail Challenge, Prowl the Sproul 10K) and the Bald Eagle Megatransect committee have teamed with the Tyoga Running Club (Green Monster Trail Challenge, Pine Creek Challenge), the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and Lock Haven University to offer a world class wilderness trail experience in one of the most remote sections of the Pennsylvania Wilds – the Eastern States 100.

Only the hardiest of runners will complete this circumnavigation of Pine Creek.  A Pennsylvania Scenic River.  The largest creek in the United States.  The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania.  The river route that supplied the lumber that built the America.  The Iroquois called it Tiadaghton – the River of Pines.  Or is it the Lost or Bewildered River?  After 100 miles of multiple 900 – 1200 foot climbs and equally punishing descents, the second definition will seem appropriate.  Expect a total elevation gain of 20,000 feet!

Headquarters will be the beautiful Little Pine State Park and adjacent Happy Acres Resort.  A true oasis in the middle of what will seem like endless nowhere to those who brave the trails.  A lake for boating, fishing, or just cooling off after pushing your body to the max.  Your choice of public or private campground accommodations within steps of the start-finish areas.  Sites for tents or for large RVs.  Rustic cabins, deluxe cabins (even several with Jacuzzis), or yurts.  A nature center, playgrounds, a beach, a pool and a game room for family to enjoy while you are taxing your body.  A convenience store for last minute items and hand dipped ice cream.  A restaurant and bar to unwind and prefuel or refuel.


Runners will experience portions of some of the most scenic and most challenging trails in Pennsylvania.  The Mid State Trail – Pennsylvania’s wildest footpath.  The Black Forest Trail – the crown jewel of Pennsylvania’s long distance hiking trails featuring hills, rocks, and on average, a vista for every mile of trail.  The West Rim Trail – a backpacker’s favorite for experiencing the Pine Creek Gorge.  The Donut Hole Trail, the T Squared Trail, the Long Branch Trail, The Tiadaghton Trail, and several shorter connector trails will round out the 100 mile loop.

Ramsey at the south end is nothing more than a collection of houses and seasonal residences.  You will cross Pine Creek on a former railroad trestle before climbing to the panoramic Ramsey Bend Vista.  The north end is Blackwell.  A tiny village with the historic Blackwell Hotel restaurant/bar and a small convenience and gift store.  You will cross a unique one lane steel grate bridge that bends in the middle prior to climbing Gillespie Point - The Matterhorn of the Alleghenies - the only true peak in Pennsylvania.

In between is miles of hills, rocky hollows, diverse forest and endless views.  Wolf Path.  Cougar Run.  Hemlock Mountain.  Jerry Run Falls.  Single track, old logging roads and abandoned stone quarries.  Deer, bear, bald eagles, and rattlesnakes may be seen.  Other than the 14 well-stocked aid stations we will provide, the only civilization centers you will pass through are Ramsey, Blackwell, Hyner Run State Park and Slate Run – a tiny village featuring the Hotel Manor and Wolfe’s General Store.

Can’t live without something from Wal-Mart or *gasp* a shopping mall?  Pack a lunch and plan to spend all day on the road.  Welcome to the PA Wilds.

The Eastern States 100.  Not for beginners.

Local time: 5:07 PM


Craig Fleming
Tyoga Running Club, Inc.
Denny Colegrove

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