Saturday, Jun 21, 2014
This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 21, 2014


This is an extremely fun summer event! It WILL be hot. But it will also create a lot of great ultra memories!
CUTOFF: 11:45pm (7 hrs, 45 min) for all distances.
THE COURSE: It will consist of 3, 6, or 7 laps on a flat, beautiful 4.5 mile course.
LOCATION: Ladys Island/Beaufort, SC
LIMIT: 105 runners
THE SWAG: Fitted trucker-style hat.

THE AID: There will be plenty of water, electrolyte drinks, & typical foods. Bring your own CUP, PACK, or WATER BOTTLE. This will be a CUP-SAVER RACE.
Bring BUG SPRAY. Yup. Definitely do that.

THE AID STATION: You'll revisit the (one & only) central aid station after every 4.5 mile loop.
DROP BAGS are encouraged, and crews and spectators are welcome.

SURFACE: Dirty Sand, Sandy Dirt, sandy gravel, maybe some puddles or broken shells, a touch of grass, and a couple ashphalt road crossings.
PACKETS pickup is the day of the event at 3pm.

Local time: 2:39 PM


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