Saturday, Nov 16, 2013 @ 7:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 16, 2013


The course is a 1.3562 mile loop at Chapin Park in South Wichita near Hydraulic and MacAurthur (2400 E. MacArthur Road, Wichita, KS 67216 is entrance into park). This is a USATF certified course (certification # KS15022KH). The trail is 97% gravel/dirt and includes a nice hill on each loop. The course is still a great place to set a personal record…and maybe even a state of Kansas record! How many miles can you run? It’s up to you! The event will be chip-timed by the Timer Guys. Details on that below. The parking lot can be access off Hydraulic (just north of the Drive-In Theatre). There are only a very few spots where people can have their cars next to the race course.

COURSE MARKINGS & HEADLAMPS. See Course Map (to be provided later). The course will be marked with ground marking flags and other signs. All runners are to run on the OUTSIDE of the flags. This is especially important on all of the curves. You will want a headlamp and/or light when running at night. The sun will rise at 7:07am and set at 5:20pm. If you are running the 12-hour or 24-hour please have a light or two ready. Everyone should be fine at the 7:00am start without a light.

To receive a buckle...for a 50K you will need to complete 23 laps (in 6 hours) which actually totals 31.2 miles.
To receive a buckle...for a 50 miler you will need to complete 37 laps (in 12 hours) which totals 50.18 miles.
To receive a buckle...for a 100 miler you will need to complete 74 laps (in 24 hours) which totals 100.36 miles.
Lap totals will be available to you throughout the race.


All participants will receive a long sleeve quarter zip. Belt buckle awards for those who can run 50K in 6, 12 or 24 hours! Top 3 males and females in each event will receive a custom award. Awards will happen at 1pm, 7pm and 7am at the end of your respective race.


Saturday, November 11th, 2017.

-Bib Pick-up/Check-in 6:00am-6:45am
-Everyone must have their bib and be checked-in before-6:45am, please!
-All three events start at 7:00am sharp!
-The 6-hour event ends at 1:00pm. The 12-hour event ends at 7:00pm. The 24-hour event ends at 7:00am.


There will be one main aid station at the start line and the beginning and end of the loop with all of the supplies listed below. There will also be portable toilets near the start/finish.
The following basic items will be available at the one manned aid station that you will pass by every loop. (If you have and food allergies or diet restrictions please pack a food and supplies in your drop bags.) Heed Sports Energy Drink, Water, Pop (Mt. Dew, Coke, Ginger Ale), Coffee, Bananas, PBJ Sandwiches and/or rollups, Oranges, Boiled Potatoes, Hot Chocolate, Soup, Cookies, M&Ms, Pretzels, crackers, Peanuts, Ham & Turkey Sandwiches, and some S-Caps. Ice will also be available. We may have a few items like homemade cookies or soups as provided by KUS members or entrants. If you want to bring some cookies or anything special to share, please feel free to do so!


PACERS & CREW & DOGS. Several have asked about the use of pacers. The spirit and concept of the timed loop run is for it to be solo. That is definitely part of the challenge of this event. Therefore, pacers will NOT be allowed for the 6 and 12 hour events. (24 hour entrants can use a pacer after dark if they wish. Just one pacer at a time with each runner, please.) Tents and small pop-up tents and canopies ARE allowed according to the City of Wichita Parks Permit. Dogs will NOT be allowed to accompany any runners on the course. Any dog with your crew needs to be on a leash at all times and not in the aid station area, please.


Obviously you will have incredible access to a drop bag at the start/finish area. We will have some tables set up so you can access it right off the course as much as you need/desire. You can pack as much stuff in your drop bag or bags as you want for this event as there will be plenty of space! Please just make sure your stuff has your name and event clearly marked on it. And, please, don’t forget to pick them up before you leave to go home!


BIB CHIP TIMING INSTRUCTIONS will be released prior to race day. The MyLaps BibTag chip timing system will be used for the KUS 6/12/24 Hour Run. Your race bib is also your chip for timing purposes. Please do not bend or remove the timing chip from the back of the bib number. Since you will get your bib on race day morning, it is very important that you wear your bib as you start the race at 7:00am. It is also very important for your number to be on the front and visible at the finish line, so please attach it to the outside of any clothing. **IMPORTANT!** You DO need to cross the timing mat at 7:00am at the start of the first lap. Once you have completed either your 6-hour or 12-hour event, please remove your bib and place it inside your vehicle to prevent it from inadvertently calculating additional laps.

Local time: 3:55 AM


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