Saturday, Nov 30, 2013 @ 6:30 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 30, 2013


The second day of The Black Diamond 40 Miler. Set up for those wanting to double and do the one on Nov 29th and this one, the day after. If you want to do both then sign up for the Black Diamond (Friday) 40 Miler first. When you do you will be given a code for $35 off this race.
The Double Black Diamond 40 Miler Ultramarathon will come the day after the original Black Diamond 40 Miler. It will be a beautiful day of friends and fellow runners covering 40.37 miles across open Tennessee highways and backroads.
Jackson to Gadsden to Alamo (past the Tennessee Safari Park) to Bells to Jackson.

The race will start at All Saints Anglican Church in Jackson, Tennessee and take runners down country roads and small highways to Gadsden, TN, then Alamo, TN, past the Tennessee Safari Park, to Bells, TN and back down Old Bells Rd back to All Saints Anglican where we started several hours prior.

The race is flat and fast and will be one of the fastest 40 mile courses in the country.

The race will be a laid back, slow paced event. If you can imagine the child that the Strolling Jim 40 Miler and Vol State 500K would produce then it would be close to the Black Diamond 40 Miler. There will be water jugs dropped at several spots along the course. Runners will need a handheld and prepared to be self-sufficient for most of the race. There will be some gas stations and other stores along the route to refill handhelds (in between water drops), get food, use the restroom, etc.

A mobile RD will be cruising the course as well with water and supplies (and likely a drop bag).

All runners will receive a tech shirt and all finishers will receive a BD40 medal.

If you are on the fence about this or the Friday version then do the Friday version. It's a few bucks cheaper.
Nov 29 (FRI) Black Diamond 40 Miler -
Nov 30 (SAT) Double Black Diamond 40 Miler -
DEC 1 (SUN)Walter H. White Sr. Memorial Marathon -

Local time: 5:15 AM


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