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Join us Memorial Day Weekend for the Charlie Horse Trail Half-Marathon to benefit Berks Co. Special Olympics. This is a point to point race which will require you to get to the finish, rather than making it an option to NOT finish. It is well aided with 4 strategically placed aid stations at miles 3, 7, 9, and 11. After the race you are welcome to stick around at finish where there are a pool, showers, a creek and a hot/cold picnic for all entries. There is day of registration available, which opens at 7:15 AM. Buses begin leaving for the start at 8:15 am.

The Charlie Horse is not your typical race. It is part trail, part road, and part adventure. It has everything a masochist runners needs. We start at Rustic Park in Birdboro, PA with a sprint through a river. We meander through the Birdsboro Preserve for about 2 miles. From there we climb up to the Horse Shoe Trail to start a beautiful 7 mile stretch through trails and farms. The trail then drops down onto Buck Hollow Rd. This is the start of the road section. But like everything else with this race, it has its own character. You are at the bottom of Buck Hollow which means that you must climb out of Buck Hollow. Whoever heard of false summits on a road. You have been warned. When you get to the top at mile 11 you’re at Charlie’s (home of the race founder) where the adventure begins. It’s a mystery to us too: lagoons; waterfall; campers; hiker; teenagers, maybe some chores. The only certainty is rocks, mud, and fun. Finally you finish at Sleepy Hollow Athletic Club where the pool, food, music, drinks, and friends will be waiting. Hope to see you there.

Restriction: There is a CUT-OFF at Aid Station #3 (9 miles) of 3 hours. After which, the sweepers and aid station crew
will have the final determination of who continues. We ask that runners under 16 years old contact the race director for
approval prior to registering. Entries are limited to 400 for the Half Marathon and 200 for the 5K. Availablity of shirts for the half marathon cannot be guaranteed for registrations after April 30th, 2020.

Half Marathon Transportation

BUS INFO: Buses will transport runners to the start at Rustic Park in Birdsboro, PA. They will depart immediately after
registration closes (8:15 a.m.). Busing to the start is highly encouraged. You may choose to drive there on your own, but

Half Marathon Swag

The entry fee includes a T-SHIRT (Male and Female sizes), FINISHER AWARDS, HOT/COLD PICNIC following the race, and 2 beverage tickets per runner.

Dirty Pony 5K Description

New for this year, we have added a 5K trail race option. We named it the Dirty Pony just because it's a smaller, dirtier version of the Charlie Horse. This race starts and ends at the Sleepy Hollow Athletic Club. The well marked course allows you to experience the best and most challenging parts of the half marathon course. This is not a walk in the park. You will get dirty. This race is a perfect way for you to kill some time while your friends, spouse, son, daughter, or significant other challenge themselves with the Half Marathon. Grab your own bragging rights.

There is day of registration available, which opens at 7:15 AM. Race starts at 9:30 AM

5K Swag

5K Swag
FINISHER AWARDS, HOT/COLD PICNIC following the race, and 2 beverage tickets per runner.

Half Marathon Race Awards

5 Year Age Groups:
Overall Male 1st, 2nd, & 3rd; Overall Female 1st, 2nd, & 3rd; Overall Master (40+) 1st Male & 1st Female
Under 18 (1M, 1F); 18-24 (3M, 3F); 25-29 (3M, 3F); 30-34 (3M, 3F); 35-39 (3M, 3F); 40-44 (3M, 3F);
45-49 (3M, 3F); 50-54 (3M, 3F); 55-59 (3M, 3F); 60-64 (3M, 3F); 65-69 (1M, 1F); 70+ (1M, 1F)


Showers are available to the runner (no hot water), but there won’t be a wait for the creek. Sleepy Hollow also has a pool and a playground for all rug rats that come to cheer on mom & dad. Beer and spirits are available for purchase from Sleepy Hollow A.C. (21+). NO alcohol may be brought onto the premises.

Local time: 8:00 AM


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