April 7 - December 31, 2018
Registration closes: Mon, Dec 31 @ 11:59PM


Please join us for the 25th year of UltraLadies. We specialize in training women runners, but we also welcome UltraLadies'Men and have experience in coaching a wide array of athletes, race distances, terrains and altitudes.

Whether you are new at trails or are a veteran who wants to better your performance, we are here to guide, coach and celebrate your hard work and success.

The Ultra Ladies and Ultra Ladies Men mentors include experienced runners who have completed a variety of marathons and ultras including at least one 100 mile race. They bring different experiences from being a certified yoga instructor, marathon pace leading, RRCA Certified Coaches to overcoming cancer and they are here to guide and mentor you.

“When you train smart a race is simply a celebration of your hard work.”

Whether you are a new trail runner or you want to train for ultra marathons, we can help you get there. You will run with marked trails, in the company of like-minded people and experienced coaches & mentors. All you need to do is shoot us an email and we will help you get started.

Nancy Shura-Dervin - ultraladies@yahoo.com
Jennifer Davis - penguinscanreallyfly@gmail.com

Member Benefits

• Follow a proven training plan for the 50K, 50M or 100M.
• New Runner Orientation
• Weekly group runs with the UltraLadies team
• There is a run each week, alternating between a Satuday Long Run on the trails and a Wednesday Tempo Run at a local park
• Each long run will have two distance options. For example those who want to complete a 50k may run 12 miles and those training for a 50 miler will run 26 miles.
* Long runs are generally out and back and marked so you can push yourself and learn the trails. The other benefit is say you have a work event or kids soccer game you can join the group, turn around early and still make your event.
* Discounted entries into some of Southern CAs most popular ultra races: Bulldog; Rocky Peak; SD50; Ray Miller; Paramount Ranch; Sean O/Brien
• Be part of a running tribe with other UltraLadies and Ladies’Men
• Pacer and Crew connections for your races
• Access to coaches and mentors during all training events
* Email access to your Coaches "Ultra Mama" Nancy and Jennifer so your questions may be answered
* Confidence building and experience with hands on coaching
• Training schedule which Nancy or Jennifer will help you adjust for your goal race
* 20% off Trail Run Events Races
* Goodie Bag (items vary but in the past have included some items from our sponsors such as Injinji socks, Pickle Juice, and Sport Beans)
* Ultra Mama's FREE Clinics
* Ultra Ladies Shirt

DROP-IN MEMBERSHIP (Available only to returning Ultra Ladies)
* Access to all of the runs
* FREE Ultra Mama's Clinics
* 15% off Trail Run Events Races
* Ultra Ladies Shirt

Meet Your Coaches

Nancy Shura-Dervin:
Founder/Owner of UltraLadies

Nancy began ultra marathon running in 1990 and has finished more than 100 races of distances from the marathon to 100+ miles. Nancy founded the UltraLadies in 1994 to develop a group of women to train together on remote mountain trails. In 2003, Nancy became the first person documented to qualify for and complete the two most prestigious foot races in the world, in the same year; the Boston Marathon and the Badwater 135 Mile Ultra Marathon. Nancy holds a CA nursing license where her career as a groundbreaking educator, coach and motivational speaker in the field of natural childbirth translated perfectly to helping runners combine physical, mental and emotional strategies to complete ultra marathons. Nancy is also owner/race director of Trail Run Events, LLC with a stellar reputation for bringing the very best trail running experiences to Southern California runners.

Jennifer Davis
Ultra Ladies Event Director and Lead Mentor

Jennifer joined the Ultra Ladies in 2011 as a newbie and progressed through the seasons as a regular Ultra Ladies member. Whatever doubts, nerves or fears you may experience, you can be sure Jennifer has been there. Jennifer is an RRCA Certified Running Coach and has finished numerous ultra marathons including five 100-mile endurance runs.

Mitch Jacoves is a long standing UltraLadies'Man and is also a RRCA Certified Running Coach. Mitch has 10-years experience coaching LA Roadrunners in the LA Marathon Training Program. Mitch has completed several 100-mile endurance runs including the tough Tahoe Rim 100.

What is the Cost?

MEMBERSHIP (train for the 50k): $250.00
This is a five month training program and includes weekly meet-ups for alternating long runs and tempo runs, clinics and **races. Your training will culminate with running a 50K! **Additional fee for race registration.

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP (train for the 50M or 100M): $400.00
This is a nine month training program and includes weekly meet-ups for alternating long runs and tempo runs, clinics and **races. Your training will culminate with running a 50M or 100M race. **Additional fee for race registration.

DROP IN MEMBERSHIP (Annual) (Returning Ultra Ladies only): $150.00
Run with Ultra Ladies on a "come as you are" basis. This option is only available to returning Ultra Ladies.

Payment plans are available - please email Jennifer penguinscanreallyfly@gmail.com

Personalized Coaching

Individualized coaching and personalized training plans are available for additional fees. Please contact one of the following RRCA Certified Coaches.

  • Nancy: ultraladies@yahoo.com
  • Jennifer: penguinscanreallyfly@gmail.com
  • Mitch: mjacoves@yahoo.com

    Contact Information

    • PO Box 17900, Encino, CA 91416
    • Cell: 575-756-4217
    • Email: ultraladies@yahoo.com

    * Cell: 818-294-0075
    * Email: penguinscanreallyfly@gmail.com

    Local time: 12:23 AM
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