March 29 - 30, 2019

Greenbrier Ultra's

21843 National Pike Boonesboro

Boonesboro, MD 100 Mile Endurance Run, 50 Mile Midnight Madness Run

Registration Opens Thu. Nov 1, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Latest Info:

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Thanks for checking us out! The Greenbrier Ultra's are comprised of three separate but similar races:
1. Greenbrier 100 Mile Endurance Run
2. Greenbrier 50 Mile Midnight Madness Run
3. Greenbrier 50k Fun Run

Start Times:
100 = Friday March 23, 2018 at 6:00 p.m.
50 = Saturday March 24, 2018 at 12:00 a.m. Technically Saturday but we're calling it Friday Midnight :-)
50k = Saturday March 24, 2018 at 8:00 a.m.

Cost: (service fee charged by UltraSignup, Credit Card and Park entrance are included)
100 Miles = $154
50 miles = $104
50k = $54



To encourage entrants of all abilities and ages to participate. This "closed" loop experience with generous cut off's has been carefully designed so that all who participate have the best opportunity for success. If one of these characteristics fit's you then you are a perfect candidate for entry:

  • Have fun attitude.
  • Wants to participate in a different kind of race.
  • A hesitant first time ultra runner.
  • Someone who, for what ever reason, struggles with cutoffs.
  • Someone who want's to get "back into the game".
  • Runners that want to gain experience running at night.
  • Experienced ultra marathoners who want to see how quickly they can finish.
  • Experienced road runners who are hesitant running on trails.
  • If you're directionally or logistically challenged.

    Those who don't have a fun attitude or cannot mentally handle the repetitive nature of a loop course are not a good fit here.


    The three races will run a 5.2 mile loop within the Greenbrier State Park. The loop consists of left and right turns, up's, down's, and some flat areas. You'll run on 202 yards of grass and 147 yards of paved walkway and the rest is all trail. It's rocky (it's the east coast!) but not considered "technical". No steep climbs but there are some up's that course blistering non elite runners may want to walk.

    The Math:
    100 Miles = 19 laps plus 1.2 miles before entering the "loop". Total 100 miles
    50 miles = 9 loops plus a 3.2 miles prior to entering the "loop". Total 50 mile
    50k = 6 loops. Total 31.2

    Elevation gain is 750' per loop

    2018 is the inaugural year so if you win then you're the course record holder. Ha Ha!

    Time Limits and Cut Offs:

    Start times vary but the ultimate stop time is 12:00 midnight Saturday... for everyone!
    100 miles = 30 hours
    50 Miles = 24 hours
    50k = 16 hours

    Cut Offs: None! Wait! What? No cutoffs? Did I read that right? Yes... that's correct! You won't be pulled if you don't do a certain number of miles by a certain time. We want you to finish or run as many miles as you can. However, runners who arrive at the Aid Station at or after 11:00 p.m. Saturday night will not be allowed to continue. The rational is that if you're in the 29th hour of the 100 or the 23 hour of the 50 or the 16th hour of the 50k you won't be able to finish 5.2 miles in 60 minutes.

    Aid Station:

    There's only one Aid Station. It's located at mile 0 or 5.2 miles which ever you prefer. It's located in the field next to the North Parking lot. There won't be a couple of 10x10 canopy's that you get at Walmart but rather a "large" event sized tent that you'll run through. Your drop bag, aid station supplies (food, water etc), timing and what ever else we need... or... don't need... but... want cause it's cool or fun... will be there. We know how to manage aid stations and won't skimp on food or supplies. We'll have "real" food and will take it easy on b.s. stuff that fills the table but doesn't help you finish a race.

    Pacers and Crew:

    Crews are encouraged but may only crew a runner at the Aid Station or along the aid station side of the lake. Crews are not permitted "in the woods". Only one Pacer per runner allowed on the course at a time. Pacers will wear a "vest" to designate them as such. Pacer Schedule (subject to final review):

  • 100 miler - 12th loop or 9:00 a.m (which ever comes first)
  • 50 miler - 8th loop
  • 50k - (5:00 pm)


    There's plenty of paved parking spaces for cars and RV's. The electrical camp sights will be open so you can pitch your air mattress and charge your phone and laptop for $35/night. Non electrical campsites will not be open. The restrooms and showers are scheduled to be opened a week prior to the race. If not then we'll have port-a-pots and the lake. I'm sure the lake will be warm enough in March to take a dip and rinse the ultra slime off!

    If you want to camp please contact Park Ranger, Michael Burditt, ( or 301.739.8932 to make arrangements.


    100 milers will receive a silver belt buckle for under 24 hours and a bronze buckle for over 24 hours. The "50's" will receive engraved neck ribbons. There will be no post race awards ceremony.


    Definitely! Each entrant will receive a premium and possibly other "stuff". Our fashion buyers are currently consulting with top NYC fashion designers for the latest trends and styles in ultra running.

    About the Race Director:

    Hi! My name is Kevin Sayers and I'm the Race Director of the Greenbrier Endurance Run's. Who am I? What's my resume? What's my thinking? OK.. here goes:

  • Check my running history right here on UltraSignup.
  • Completed the Grand Slam of Ultra Running in 1998
  • Completed the "JFK 100" (1998, 1999)
  • Race Director - Catoctin 50k Trail Run since 1999.
  • Race Director - Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 Mile Run since 2011.
  • Aid Station Captain - Bull Run Run 50 Mile - Centerville A.S. since 1999.
  • website since 1996

    Consider my position as a cheerleader not a gate keeper. It's to get runners to finish not cut them off. My goal is to conduct a fun and rewarding experience for every participant, crew and volunteer. For me the most rewarding experience of being an RD is greeting each and every runner at the finish line with a congratulation, a handshake, a fist bump, a hug or a combination of all three and seeing their face of "finishing". I've been around enough years (since '96) and run enough races that I've gained enough insight to know how to do it... and do it right.

    The reason for starting the Greenbrier Ultra's is simple... I have fun doing this stuff! In that fun is my desire to do things a little different, offer more opportunities and be more inclusive to runners of varying abilities and age. In regards to the 100 miler... I've never been able to sleep the Friday night prior to a 100 and would rather be running... so... why not start a 100 miler on Friday at 6:00 p.m.. Always wanted to name a race "Midnight Madness" hence the 50 miler. Also, there are very few "opportunities" of starting at midnight that allow you to get a good night time run in and then have the rest of Saturday to run errands etc. Ha Ha. In context to the 100 and 50 milers a 50k is simply... a "Fun Run" :-)

    My hope is that you'll join us and help make these races a fun and enjoyable experience.

    Local time: 4:57 PM
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