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Saturday, Aug 9, 2008

Stormy Trail

Squamish, BC 100 Miler, 50 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 9, 2008


100-mile runners will complete two laps of the 50-mile loop. The route is approximately 97% trails or forest service roads and 3% paved roads. The elevation gain is approximately 12,000 feet (6000 feet x 2 laps).

Drop Bags

It is recommended that you place nutrition items, special first aids and, for 100 mile runners, warm clothing, extra flashlights, and batteries in a drop bags which will be transported to the Powerhouse Aid Station. You will pass this location twice during the race. Avoid glass and perishable items. Clearly label the drop bag for easy identification. Do not use paper bags, shoe boxes or any paper product as they deteriorate when wet. Distinctive colours work well. STORMY Race Management is not responsible for lost or damaged drop bags and their contents. The bags will be returned to the start/finish line once the last runner has passed through the aid station. Bags left behind at the finish line at the end of the event will not be returned.

Aid-Station Food and Supplies

Although there are eleven well-stocked aid stations, it is highly recommended that you carry a minimum of one water bottle, preferably two, at all times. Temperatures can vary and the day may be very warm. Electrolyte replacement is also extremely important. Be aware you may not find exactly what you want at the aid stations. Please equip your drop bags accordingly. We will do our best to supply a variety of items that may include fruit, candy, gels, chips, pretzels, soda, etc. Each aid station will have a small supply of Band-Aids and Vaseline. For pre-race preparation, there are three major supermarkets in Squamish and they are open until 9PM on Thursday and Friday. There are some great restaurants in Squamish. And if all else fails, Tim Horton’s is open 24 hours.

Local time: 4:08 PM


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