July 2 - 4, 2020

Notchview Ultra

83 Old Route 9

Windsor, MA 72hrs, 48hrs, 24hrs, 12hrs

Registration closes: Sun, Jun 28 @ 11:59PM

Update to 2020 Race

Along with everyone else, BURCS has been monitoring the unfortunate spread of COVID-19. Given the unknown around future permits and with the safety of our community in mind, we have chosen at this time to pause registration for all 2020 races. It is very likely that the races end up being canceled and we will move to do so when appropriate as we receive guidance from various state and federal authorities. If canceled, we will communicate with registered runners at that time in regards to refunds or donation options as we do not wish to profit in anyway from this crisis. For earlier races some expenses may have been already been baked in but we will do the best we can to cross that bridge when we get there. Thank you for your understanding and continued support of the BURCS community, hope to see you all out on the trails soon.


WHY BURCS? Since 2013, BURCS has been putting on quality distance running events throughout western Massachusetts with profits going to charities and non-profits. We are one of the races doing good for others and giving back to our community. Run 1 lap or 100+. And have a tangible impact on our community.

DATE: July 2, 2020 - July 5, 2020

EVENT TIMES: 72 HOUR starts 12pm on July 2nd, 48 HOUR starts 12pm on July 3, 24 HOUR starts 12pm on July 4. 12 HOUR starts 7am on July 4 and ends at 7pm. All other events (24, 48, 72 HOUR) end at 12pm on SUNDAY JULY, 5.

LOCATION:Notchview Ski Lodge, 83 Old Route 9, Windsor, MA 01226 **Note** GPS may need to use the following address/coordinates: 2241 Berkshire Trail Dalton, MA 01226( 42.504909, -73.037470)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: A beautifully groomed 1.9 mile (approximate) perimeter loop trail that winds around Notchview in Windsor, MA. You will pass the aid station each lap and there will be access to bathrooms and running water. Additionally, there will be an area to set up personal aid stations as needed. Slight .2 mile incline at the start of each lap, followed by rolling 1 mile alternating single track and double. It follows a xc ski perimiter loop, and grass could be somewhat long in the field, though generally is groomed well!

COST/AID STATION: $30 registration fee for all events. Money will be split between costs (portas, insurance, food), Donation to Notchview, and a donation to local non-profits (Trustees and Animal Shelters). Reminder: This is a "Fat Ass" event. Please plan to bring something to share. DONATIONS TO GO TOWARDS NOTCHVIEW TOWARDS THE UPKEEP OF THE TRAILS AS WELL AS A LOCAL ANIMAL SHELTER, SONSINI ANIMAL SHELTER. Help us out - bring something for the aid station to share - vegan friendly snacks preferred. We will provide a 5 gallon container of water to refill bottles and gatorade powder. Maybe some electrolytes. Anything else, plan to bring yourself! We will use a table by the course for aid station drop off. NO REFUNDS FOR THIS EVENT. Your registration goes to charity if you cannot make it.

TIMING: We will start together at 12pm (7am for 12 hour race). We will have a spreadsheet for race morning. Find your name and record each lap as you come through. It is on the honor system. No partial laps count. Events start "x" amount of hours from the cutoff 12pm on July 5. Just count back from 12pm the number of hours in your event for the proper start. Camping is allowed. Please ask to find a designated area to place a tent if you care to. 10' x 10' is preferred. Nothing larger. You may also elect to nap in your car in the parking lots.

CONTACT INFO: Benn Griffin, Resident "Fat Ass" . (518)435-5590, or by e-mail at jamminlongtime@yahoo.com

AWARDS: Unique finisher's award. Option to pay for a 100 Mile BURCS buckle at event ($20) or a Notchview hat ($25). Note: No refunds given for no-shows. YOU MUST STILL SHOW UP TO EVENT. BADASS FATASS bragging rights. And knowing you are a certified badass.

Local time: 5:24 AM


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