Saturday, Mar 10, 2007

Land between the Lakes

Grand Rivers , KY 50m , 60km , 23km , 26.2m

This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 10, 2007

Course Overviews

The course starts at Lighthouse Landing, with the first 1.9 miles run on paved roads to the Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, where the trail begins. This section should allow for separation of participants before entering the trail.

The Canal Loop trail (designated by blue markers on trees), is a scenic, well groomed 11.3 mile loop on mostly single-track between Kentucky and Barkley Lakes; offering many breathtaking views of the lakes, and several short challenging hills.
Depending upon the event, a runner will run 1 loop for the 23k, 2 loops for the Marathon, 3 loops for the 60k, or 4 loops plus a short out and back on the trail before heading back via road to the finish line in Grand Rivers.

Late Fees donated to LBL

Early registration period is over. Don't let the extra $15 deter you.
Consider it a donation to a very worthy cause... Land Between the Lakes. They too, have faced serious cutbacks.
We will donate your extra fees to LBL. They will put it to good use.
Thank you for choosing to run LBL.

Local time: 4:41 AM


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