47 Teams
2 Broke Girls and a CEO
Fort Wayne, IN
Amanda Dennis
Amanda Dennis (captain)
Andrea Peterson
Jim Peterson
Beauties and the Beast!
Plainwell, MI
Stacey Lyon
Stacey Lyon (captain)
Rachel Konieczka
Randy Middaugh
Chaffed, Chapped & Raw
Celina, OH
Zach Muhlenkamp
Zach Muhlenkamp (captain)
Isaiah Winhoven
Ross Wellman
Cold and Flu Season
Ft Wayne, IN
Rob Marucci
Rob Marucci (captain)
Heather Raymer
Jennifer Bertels
Cough, Hack, and Wheeze
Columbia City, IN
Brett Facer
Brett Facer (captain)
Kirk Lude
Nikki Sharp
Cross(fit) Country
Ft Wayne, IN
Shawn Sullivan
Shawn Sullivan (captain)
Alex Velasquez
Jeff Bushey
Dan's Fans
Fort Wayne, IN
Diane Leone
Diane Leone (captain)
Dannette Whiting
Michele Kadenko-Monirian
Donner -Party of 3
Fort Wayne, IN
Tim Tappan
Tim Tappan (captain)
Liam Chalk
Shelby Knepper-Seidel
Omaha, NE
Jody Green
Jody Green (captain)
Jody Green
Rodney Green
Fast Track
Rolling Meadows, IL
Brad Voehringer
Brad Voehringer (captain)
Daniel Pintar
Lisa Czepiel
Fat Rolls Down Hill
Ft. Wayne, IN
Ryan Walters
Ryan Walters (captain)
Kevin Croy
Shannon Nierman
Frigid Bridgewater
Fort Wayne, IN
Andrew Hufford
Andrew Hufford (captain)
Brennon Fry
Dave Bilos
Frost Giants
Warsaw, IN
Brion Mimnaugh
Brion Mimnaugh (captain)
Bryan Callow
Ian Hooley
Good,Bad, and Ugly
Kendallville, IN
Dave Cole
Dave Cole (captain)
Connie Carunchia
Karmen Ostermeyer
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
David Toutant
David Toutant (captain)
John Martin
Mike Charow
Just for Fun
Warsaw, IN
Kim Mimnaugh
Kim Mimnaugh (captain)
Casey Harmon
Karla Barnhart
JV All Stars
Battle Creek, MI
Katie Bridges
Katie Bridges (captain)
David Bridges
Scott Bridges
Kuhn Hunters
Fort Wayne, IN
Andrew Gritzmaker
Andrew Gritzmaker (captain)
Mark Green
Thomas Crum
Portage, IN
Lorie Arnold
Lorie Arnold (captain)
Jessie Amodei
Marie Fessler
Huntington, IN
Cordell Lewis
Cordell Lewis (captain)
Charlie Mettler
Luke Doughty
Misled Toes
Fort Wayne, IN
Andrea Maisonneuve
Andrea Maisonneuve (captain)
Clint Phares
Sean Gorman
Mrs. Jones
Westville, IN
Ariel Langley
Ariel Langley (captain)
David Ahner
Marylin Ahner
NWI Region Runners
Chesterton, IN
Tom Little
Tom Little (captain)
Luis Salamanca
Tammy Bucko
NWI Region Runners BDK
Chesterton, IN
Ken Vaughn
Ken Vaughn (captain)
Bill Dickinson
David Wolfe
Old Dirt Roadies
Monticello, IN
Isaac Venters
Isaac Venters (captain)
Justin Demiduk
Kody Snyder
Kendallville, IN
Jim Bowers
Jim Bowers (captain)
Pamela Stier
Patty Handshoe
Peeps' Crew
Montpelier, OH
Cory Peeples
Cory Peeples (captain)
Joey Brown
Nathan Aschliman
Peeps' Crew 2
Montpelier, OH
Daniel Peeples
Daniel Peeples (captain)
Greg Brown
Kayla Floyd
Poncho Libre and Her Dos Amigos
Indianapolis, IN
Emily Bernstein
Emily Bernstein (captain)
Andrew Piropato
Josh Gornall
Running With E's
Ypsilanti, MI
David Caine
David Caine (captain)
Ryan Sieler
Tom Macnaughton
Snow Bunnies
Huntley, IL
Mary Paz
Mary Paz (captain)
Lorrie Buenrostro
Olivia V. Rodriguez
Team HSK
Fort Wayne, IN
Dan Palmer
Dan Palmer (captain)
Angela Aneiros
Eric Wilkins
Team MDJ
Fort Wayne, IN
Damien Schuck
Damien Schuck (captain)
John Ferrara
Matthew Creech
Team OU812
Knoxville, TN
James Smith
James Smith (captain)
Brian Mcnalley
Joshua Mcnalley
Team Pickle
Crawfordsville, IN
Robert Dill
Robert DiLl (captain)
Jessica Dill
Tim Quandt
The BUCKing monSTARs
Sellersburg, IN
Jared Santana
Jared Santana (captain)
Adam Togami
Sam Starbuck
The Crew
Warsaw, IN
Ryan Goon
Ryan Goon (captain)
Chad Goon
Dean Katris
The Flying Squirrels
Celina, OH
Chris Muhlenkamp
Chris Muhlenkamp (captain)
Eric Strunk
Justin Muhlenkamp
The Meerkats
Huntington, IN
Ross Bitzel
Ross Bitzel (captain)
Jake Fitzmaurice
Tyler Gault
The Replacements
Columbia City, IN
Harrison Fausey
Harrison Fausey (captain)
Jacob Poyner
Robert Murphy
the roasted chestnuts
New York, NY
Jacob Boerema
Jacob Boerema (captain)
Anant Udpa
Kyle Frey
The young and old gang
Fort Wayne, IN
Joseph Harrison
Joseph Harrison (captain)
David Joest
Gregg Osborn
Troop TRC
Chicago, IL
Robert Alt
Robert Alt (captain)
Chrys Davis
Todd Henderlong
We got the runs.
Fort Wayne, IN
Mark Ping
Mark Ping (captain)
Eric Golden
Joseph Suelzer
We Live for the APPL...esauce
Indianapolis, IN
Matthew Terlep
Matthew Terlep (captain)
Nathan Bode
Sarah Garner
Huntington, IN
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum (captain)
Chip Skylark
Squillium Entacles
What team needs some help?
Loda, IL
Carl W Larsen Jr
Carl W Larsen Jr (captain)