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Yep - this is the run that you heard about!

Welcome to the 2015 Born To Run Ultra Running Extravaganza. As in the past, our little event will start and finish on the beautiful East Creek Ranch in Los Olivos California. Located in the heart of the Santa Barbara wine country. Our springtime weather is mild, typical of the California Central Coast, ideal for Syrah, Pinot Noir and extreme long distance running.   

200 Mile

The 2015 Born To Run 200 Mile Endurance Run with start at 6:00am on Thursday, May 14. The course will be closed at 12:00pm noon on sunday, May 17. The 200 Mile cutoff time is 78 hours. The course is comprised of 20 mile loops all within a fenced cattle ranch. the course will be well marked, you will not get lost. There will be minimal aid on the course. You will pass the Main Camp and your personal vehicle every 10 miles. You are welcome to self crew from your personal vehicle.


Created by runners for runners. Join us for a weekend of camping and trail running on the beautiful East Creek Ranch in Los Olivos California. The fifth annual Born To Run Ultra Marathon Extravaganza will feature 200 mile, 100 mile, 60 mile, 30 mile and 10 mile trails runs. Mild springtime, coastal climate, gentle rolling hills, single and double track trail, wildflowers, red-tailed hawks, dark blue skies and pristine clean air makes for ideal running environment. 


Fast 20 mile loops of single and double track trail 100% dirt. Gentle rolling hills with approximately 2300 feet of vertical gain per loop. Minimal but adequate aid approximately every five miles. Extremely easy crew access every ten miles. This relatively non-technical PR course is perfect for the advanced or novice distance runner. No qualifying standards, everyone is welcome.


Registration Fee Refunds and Transfers
There are no refunds and no transfers and no exceptions. Please do not ask. There are no refunds.

Starting Dates and Times
200 Mile - 6:00am - Thursday, May 14, 2015
100 Mile - 6:00pm - Friday, May, 15, 2015
60 Mile - 6:00am - Saturday, May 16, 2015
30 Mile - 6:00am - Saturday, May 16, 2015
10 Mile - 6:15am - Saturday, May 16, 2015

Course closes for all events
12:00pm - Sunday, May 17, 2015??
All events will start and finish at the Main Camp on the East Creek Ranch in Los Olivos California

Camping on the Ranch
Yes, you are welcome to camp on the ranch. However, remember that the East Creek Ranch is a working cattle ranch. It is not a campground. There are no designated campsites and no running water. You are welcome to bring a tent, camper, travel trailer, etc.

Cattle, livestock and wild animals
yes, yes and yes - on the ranch you will experience cattle and everything that goes with cattle. You will encounter wild animals and insects. Rattle snakes are common. If you don't like cattle, bugs and snakes - do NOT attend this event.

Your children are welcome but not encouraged. The Born To Run Ultra Marathon is an adult event. There will be intense adult stupidity, offensive behavior, dogs, loud music, drinking and nudity.

Showers, toilets and running water
There are NO showers.
There will be portable toilets with NO toilet paper. Bring your own toilet paper.
There is NO running water. Bring your own water.

NO open fires of any kind. Do not plan on a campfire. Camp stoves are OK.

Livestock friendly dogs are welcome. Aggressive dogs will be removed from the property and banned from the event. If you don't like dogs - do not come to this event. Dogs will be present, attend at your own risk and responsibility. Don't like dogs - DON'T COME.

Course Map and profile
None - do not ask for a course map or a profile chart.

Changing Distance
You are welcome to change your distance anytime PRIOR to the start of the run. You must check in with Luis Escobar and make the change PRIOR to the start. There will be no changes after the start. If you do not complete your registered distance before 12:00pm on Sunday, May 17, 2015 you will be listed and Did Not Finish.

Pacers are welcome for the 100 Mile and 200 Mile events only.
100 mile and 200 mile pacers are welcome after mile 60 or after dark.

Water, ice and basic aid will be available approximately every five miles. We are not sympathetic to speciality diets of any kind. Please plan accordingly.

Local time: 6:45 AM


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