Saturday, Jun 23, 2012
This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 23, 2012


The course is 100.3 miles. It runs north through Manhattan, over the Henry Hudson Bridge into the Bronx, through parks and greenways to Orchard Beach, over the Triborough Bridge into Queens, through the Queens park corridor, including Flushing Meadows Park/Unisphere, then to Rockaway Beach, Coney Island, and the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan. The course will be marked but runners must be alert and attentive to markings and directions to avoid a wrong turn. The terrain is generally flat to gently rolling, with the biggest hills coming in the first 10 miles up to the Henry Hudson Bridge, and the other bridges as well. There are about two miles of trails in Van Cortlandt Park and a short trail section at Orchard Beach, otherwise the course is all paved, although there are some sections where you can run on the grass alongside the pavement, which is allowed (but not on people’s lawns). I’ve tried to minimize running on streets with traffic as much as possible, but NOTE that much of the final 10 miles is run on streets where there may be heavy vehicular and/or pedestrian traffic, which is part of the “urban adventure” aspect of the race, so prepare to take extra care in traffic when you’re exhausted near the end.

Local time: 6:35 PM

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