Friday, Jun 14, 2013 @ 7:00 PM

TARC 100

80 Carby Street

Westwood , MA 100m , 50m

This Event Took Place Fri. Jun 14, 2013


The 2014 edition is now available for download - Go here

Expanded Registration On Friday

We have expanded mandatory race check-in/registration on Friday evening to 4:30 pm to 8:30 pm (an extra hour)

Extended 100M Finish Time!

With a 5:00 AM start on Saturday, June 7, the course will now close at 1:00 PM Sunday, June 8. Below you will find the new cutoffs for each aid station:
Hard Cutoffs:
#1: LEAVE Start/Finish for 4th loop by 5:00 AM Sunday, June 8 (24 hours in)
#2: LEAVE Trading Post (aid station #1) by 6:35 AM, Sunday, June 8
#3: LEAVE Grossman Beach (aid station #2) by 8:10 AM, Sunday, June 8
#4: LEAVE Powisett Farm (aid station #4) by 11:20 AM, Sunday, June 8
This gives folks an average of 8 hours to complete each 25 mile loop. Hope to see as many Animals as possible out there completing this dream!

Extended 50M Finish Time!

We are extending our allowed finish time for the 50 Miler to 15 hours (up from 12) to encourage first-timers to give it a go!

Course GPS Stats

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Welcome to Massachusetts’ first 100 miler!  You will not want to miss the TARC100.  Hosted by the Trail Animals Running Club in beautiful Westwood, MA on the Hale Reservation. About 20 minutes from downtown Boston, the race will be run on a 25 mile loop course: 99.9% trail, 2,500 acres of private reserve land, a cumulative vertical gain of 8,000 feet of climb and 8,000 feet of descent for a total elevation change of 16,000 feet, with aid every 5 – 6 miles.  Start time is 5:00 am, Saturday June 7, for the 100 miler with a 30 hour limit to complete the course. The 50 mile run will start at 7:00 am Saturday with a 15 hour limit.

What to Expect

You can be guaranteed of TARC's great volunteers, aid, course markings, and trail 'tude - we support everyone in the pack.  In a first for TARC, there will be custom embroidered TARC jackets for all 100 mile finishers and exclusive TARC technical t-shirts for all 50 mile and 100 mile participants. Additionally, every 100 miler finisher will also have the opportunity to purchase a commemorative shiny brass and silver belt buckle.

We'll see you in June!

Map Available

Click here to see and download the course trail map.

Facebook Page

Go here to learn more about training runs, meet ups, course and event details, meet other runners, gear, tips, lies, etc.

Unaccompanied Minors and Animals

Due to Town of Westwood and our insurance policy for the event, no pets are allowed on the course at any time.  You can bring your dog to the start/finish area but it must be on leash the entire time (there is a strict leash law in Westwood). 

Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult guardian at the event at all times. This is an explicit requirement of our insurance policy and of course a common sense precaution given the nature and length and timing of the event (i.e. at night, up to 30 hours, in the woods in a strange place).  If they would like to help out at aid stations and such that's great and will be welcome, as long as there is an adult guardian with them.

Camping Available!

We'll have Friday and Saturday night camping available right on the premises!  There will be NO sign up for camping spots but instead taken on a first-come, first-serve basis until they are gone.  More info to follow.  We are not allowed to have open fires so plan accordingly. This provides runners and crew an opportunity to choose to spend Friday and/or Saturday night on the course, under the stars.

Buckles Are In!

The custom designed nickle and bronze 10" belt buckles for all 100 finishers who cross the finish line in under 30 hours are now available to view as the first one has just come hot off the forge over at Colorado Silver Star, who also are the makers of the Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run buckles.  Check it out by clicking on the links below to pictures of this beauty and if you haven't already expressed an interest when you registered in buying one of these when you finish (~$50-55), send us an email and we'll reserve one for you (  It'll be waiting for you at the finish! There's a picture of the buckle at the top of this page. Schweet!!

Local time: 8:21 AM


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