Saturday, Nov 3, 2012

Silver Falls

20024 Silver Falls Hwy SE

Silverton , OR 26.2m , 13.1m

This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 3, 2012

Event Details:

Silver Falls Trail Runs celebrate the 5th annual event with the popular Marathon and Half Marathon, and now featuring a 50K Ultra and 7-mile trail run - all of which take place at Silver Falls State Park in Silverton, OR. These scenic and challenging courses pass nearly 10 waterfalls, over several bridges, up lung-busting hills, cross creeks, through mud and rocks and meander through towering fir trees. Some of the most amazing trails in the country are all part of this event! All races are limited and expected to sell out almost immediately. NO waitlist once full!

Event Info:

Silver Falls State Park - Silverton, OR
20024 Silver Falls Hwy SE

- Saturday Nov 1st:
50K Ultra - 7:30 AM
Marathon - 8:00 AM
7 Miler - 9:00 AM

- Sunday Nov 2nd:
1/2 Marathon Wave 1 - 9:00 AM
1/2 Marathon Wave 2 - 9:15 AM

Entry Fees:

7 Mi - $25

1/2 Marathon - $40

Marathon - $55

50K - $65

NO Refunds or Transfers to another participant allowed.

1/2 Marathon Wave Info

The 2014 1/2 Marathon is limited to 900 total runners! In order to accommodate everyone we will have 2 waves of 450 each.
Wave 1 begins at 9:00AM
Wave 2 begins at 9:15AM

Wave 1 will be reserved for faster runners and anyone who projects their time to be 2:15 and under
Wave 2 will be 2:15 and slower including walkers

Please register in the correct wave according to your ability and anticipated finish time. If you dont know your projected finish time for this course, just add about 15 min to your average road 1/2 marathon time...


Event Tech Shirts available to purchase with entry. Technical moisture wicking shorts sleeve. Sizes are: MS,MM,MLG, MXL and WXS, WS,WM, WLG


Volunteers needed for both Saturday and Sunday. Guaranteed free entry into next year's race for volunteering + Free Shirt and other goodies. Click Here!

Camping and Lodging

Silver Falls State Park has Camping and Lodging available. Don't delay, space is limited and reservations will go fast.

Visit The Silver falls Marathon Website for all the info

Local time: 9:09 PM


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