Saturday, Sep 6, 2014

Ridge to Ridge Trail Race

Redbud Pavilion by BMX Track

Oak Mountain State Park , AL 10m , 20m

Registration closes: Thu, Sep 4 @ 11:59PM

About the Ridge-2-Ridge Race

The Ridge-2-Ridge race will start at the Redbud Pavilion next to the BMX Track.  The race will start with a long climb up the Yellow/White connector and then follow the red bike trail south to the aid station located on the Red Trail where the Green Trail splits off heading over the mountain to Peavine Falls.  After the aid station runners will head up the Green Trail back to the Green/White connector for the steep descent down to the White trail and Upper Peavine Creek.  Turn right on the White for a few 100 yards and take the foot bridge over the creek and climb down to the bottom of the falls.  Cross over the creek under the falls and follow the flagging down then back across the creek and climb out of the gorge to the Blue Trail. Head north to the Orange Trail and turn left. Follow the Orange Trail across the red bike road, all the way to the White Trail.  Turn right on the white trail and head down the mountain to the yellow trail and turn left again, back to the start.

Local time: 11:59 PM


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David Tosch
Race Director

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