Saturday, Jun 3, 2017

Scout Mountain Ultras

Pocatello, ID 100K, 60K, 35K

This Event Took Place Sat. Jun 3, 2017


This is a difficult and beautiful race in the Bannock and Pocatello mountain ranges surrounding Pocatello Idaho. Previous editions of the race were known as the Pocatello 50 but due to course changes the event has evolved. We now offer a 100 mile race with 23,900' of ascent! We also offer a challenging but beautiful 50 mile race with 10,900' ascent, and a 21 mile (35k) race with 5,400' of gain that has been part of our races for several years.

The 100 mile event has an 8 service requirement that must be done 2 weeks prior the event either helping with another trail race, or on trails where an ultra is held. We will be coordinating a service day in Pocatello near the 1st of May. We strongly recommend that you complete a 50 mile mountain ultra prior.

Local time: 11:24 AM


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