Saturday, Sep 21, 2019

The Georgia Jewel

Dug Gap Road

Dalton, GA 100 Miler, 50 Miler, 35 Miler, 18 Miler

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 21, 2019

NEW FOR 2020

Want more details (like elevation profile, weekend schedule?) Checkout our website

OH and new for 2020...we're starting our 100 milers on Friday Sept 18th and the 50, 35 and 18 milers on Saturday. Running 100 miles deserves a BIG finish line party with 450 of your trail friends!

#Covidsux Virtual Option

Because we believe Covid is real AND that not everyone feels comfy coming to a race, we wanna make an option for you to join us for a virtual experience. Our hope is to encourage those not comfortable joining us on race day to run their distance, get their swag and be a part of this great Jewel community. UTMB won't give you points for your finish and there aren't "podium people," in a virutal race BUT there's lots of encouragement and some really great finisher's swag at the end.

The virtual race happens the same weekend as the Jewel and unlike our in-person race, everyone has 48 hours to complete their distance. You'll run, record your distance and upload your data to Ultra Signup. Then you'll get a fun swag pacakge in the mail from us!

***2020 UTMB Qualifier ***
100 miler gets 5 points, 50 miler gets 3 points, 35 miler gets 2 points

Hey gang!

Our family has hosted this race the past four years and we can't wait for year 5! The Jewel is Georgia's longest standing 100 mile trail race and run on the beautiful Pinhoti. With 99% single-track and 1% a ridiculous climb up what we affectionately call "Mt. Baker," all our distances are super fun (at least the finish line is fun). The Pinhoti includes some steller ridge line sections as well as a rock garden that'll make you hate rocks...well...forever.

The 100 mile starts at the Dalton Convention Center, runs out to the Dry Creek Trail system and comes back, making this a great 100 miler for runners AND crew. The Dry Creek system is maintained by SORBA and has fast and runnable single-track through a gorgeous pine tree forest. A loop system allows you to see crew at the same spot for over 30 miles. They'll thank you in the end and beg you to run more 100's.

We bus 18, 35 and 50 mile runners out to their starting lines and scream like crazy for them as they run back to the finish line and their cars. The bus ride to the start takes you back to your childhood and makes you thankful you're now an adult. And we have toilets at the starting line since pre-race pooping is pretty important.

And the finish line...oh the finish line! We try to create an experience that allows you to pull up a chair, eat some food and feel like you're at our kitchen table with family. Everyone deserves to be celebrated for their effort on the trail no matter how the day turns out. The finish line is a place to share stories of failures and success and really good beer.

We'd love to meet you and share some sweet trail miles with you!
Jenny, Franklin, Luci (8) and Levi (6) Baker

P.S. We know things happen in training and in life that might end in not being able to show up race day...really, we do. And, because of our jobs and all that is involved in managing 450 runners and the logistics, we don't offer refunds, deferrals or bib transfers.

Local time: 5:34 AM


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