Friday, Feb 7, 2020 @ 9:00 PM


Pocomoke, MD 100K

This Event Took Place Fri. Feb 7, 2020

The Delmarva Ultra Challenge DUC

You will learn very little about this race from this page. I am sorry. Call it a leap of faith or blinded foolishness.

The Delmarva Ultra Challenge (The DUC) is a running event that takes place in conjunction with The Algonquin 50k and only runners currently signed up for The ALQ50k will be given the opportunity to enter. To complete the challenge runners must complete an all night 50k run before the ALQ50k and then complete the ALQ50k. A DNF of the First leg of the DUC (The all-night 50k on the night of February 12th) or a DNF of The ALQ50K is a DNF for the DUC, HOWEVER (new for 2020) runners who DNFs the first half of the DUC CAN redeem themselves and run ALQ50K for a 50k finish (the DUC 100k will be a DNF). The DUC requires your trust in The Race Dictator and General Gabe. You will not know the course before Friday February 7th. Very little information about this race will be available. The less you know the better. Trust us. You will love it. We are creating the course, setting up the logistics, and will have all the volunteers and aid stations are organized and ready. What you will get is an epic overnight adventure that is unknown, challenging, fun and worth tackling. The aid stations will be well stocked and will be sure to keep you going. What you will not get is... a huge cheering crowd, much/if any sleep, hand holding, much love or a lot of whistles and bells. This is a tight-lipped, crazy adventure. It is not set up for first time Ultra runners. No one you know knows anything about this race.
Due to the distance (62 miles when combined with ALQ) and nature of this challenge (overnight), we will only accept runners who have completed a 50 mile (or further) race in under the allotted time. This will be a very limited field of runners. We are only accepting 25 runners. That’s it and we are okay if it is fewer. If one of those runners drops out then their space MIGHT open, but might not. We have a lot of work to do behind the scenes and so knowing the runners beforehand is essential.
The combination of the night run and The Algonquin leg will give runners over 100k of Running.
Are you ready to be a DUC?!?!
Registration will open on November 27th (Black Friday) at 7am.
All entrants will be approved by The RDs (50 mile and night time experience required)

Local time: 11:10 PM


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