This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 17, 2007

Race Shirt

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2015 Race Date

2015 is the 23rd running of this classic trail running event.   The Chuckanut 50k race weekend is the 3rd weekend in March, and the 2015 event will be March 21.  Mark your calendars!

Chuckanut Mountain 50 Km History

In 1993, Doug McKeever and Richard West invited their ultrarunning friends to join them on a favorite training run around Chuckanut Mountain, south of Bellingham. Twenty or so people participated that first year and the feedback was sufficiently positive that the run has continued and grown into an annual 'fun run.' The original course was about 33 miles and had sections of highway and some private property. They settled on the current 50 km. (31.1 mile) route in 1995. In 2002 Doug and Richard decided that they would like to pass on the race directing responsibilities after putting on 10 very successful Chuckanut Mountain 50 km trail runs. Krissy decided to ensure the future of the Chuckanut 50 km as it was her first ultra experience in 2000. After a few years of threatening to change the course Krissy committed to the current course as a dedication to her friend Dave Terry who passed fall of 2009. 

The 21st Annual Chuckanut Mountain 50 Kilometer Trail Run will be held on Saturday March 16, 2013, at 8:00 am. Chuckanut Mountain is just south of Bellingham, Washington, where the foothills of the Cascades meet the salt water. 

Course Overview

The course is a lollipop configured loop. An out and back on the Interurban Trail make up the first 10 km as well as the last 10 km. Sandwiched between these relatively flat miles runners will enjoy a climb up the Fragrance Lake Trail, a descent to Cleator Road on 2 dollar trail, then climb Cleator Road (dirt, occasional traffic) to the beautiful Ridge Trail, Lost Lake Trail (muddy), Cyrus Gates Overlook, and back down to the Interuban Trail via Cleator Rd. and Fragrance Lake Rd.  The Interurban Trail that warmed you up in the morning will be waiting to finish you off for your finish.

Time Limit

There is an 8 HOUR time limit. Anyone arriving at aid station #4 (20 miles) after 2:30 PM will be offered a ride to the finish. Aid station #5 (mile 24.6) will close down at 3 PM.

Aid Stations

There are five aid stations minimally stocked with the basics at miles 6.3, 10.5, 13.4, 20.5, and 24.6. It is mandatory that you carry at least one water bottle. In an effort to make this race more environmentally sound we are minimizing trash. There will NOT be cups available at aid stations; instead we will provide water pitchers to easily fill your bottles. It is suggested that you also carry special food needs, because aid stations will be stocked with basic race foods.

Directions to the Start and the Finish

Please see this link to the Google Maps for the Start/Finish Area.


With the new start location we will have a better parking situation right at the start (6th & Harris).  We strongly urge you to carpool and arrive early to ensure a spot.  

After the race

After the race: We will provide soup, bread and drinks prepared by Ma Moehl.


Please only run in this race if you have an assigned Chuckanut 50km bib number. Our permits allow us to have a set amount of runners on the trail and we therefore can not allow additional pacers, runners or self-supported runners on the course. Thank you for honoring this.

Chuckanut Mountain Maps Available

If you would like to explore Chuckanut Mountain, RightMAP is a great resource.  Each map covers a classic recreation area, and shows the difficulty, mileage, and type of trails as wells as the topography, and physical features.  Short trail and town descriptions, and the location of viewpoints, waterfalls, and campgrounds provide some context to the map. 

These maps / guides provide useful information about local Mtn Biking, Road Biking, Trail Running, Hiking, and Skiing Routes. Each RightMAP has detailed topographic maps with recent GPS-based trail information – we make sure the information is correct, by riding it or running it ourselves.  Gates, signage, landings, and views are identified to help you navigate.  RightMAPS have everything you need to get to the trailhead and return - all in a pack-able, water and tare-resistant map. 

For more information see The RightMAP blog, or ask for them at any Bellingham Running Store.

Local time: 3:20 PM


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