Saturday, Feb 25, 2012

Hashawha Hills

Westminster, MD 50K

This Event Took Place Sat. Feb 25, 2012


31 miles of trails, old woods roads, open fields and plenty of hills with a couple of stream crossing thrown in just for fun.


Pre-race and post-race will be indoors. We’ve reserved the heated auditorium and bathrooms located indoors at the Bear Branch Nature Center. There will be hot food and drink indoors at the finish.

The start/finish is at a covered pavilion just a two minute walk from the Nature Center. The course has about two miles of asphalt, three miles of gravel road, and 26 miles of trail. The course is mostly single track trails along with some old woods roads and open fields. The entire course is runnable. There are no mountains, no rocks, and no roots, but there are a few stream crossings (you WILL get your feet wet) and never ending small hills to wear you down with a few bigger hills thrown in just for fun. The scenery changes from mostly woods to meadows and open fields with beautiful views of rolling farmland. The course will be well marked for the entire distance; however, runners will have to pay attention to remain on course.

Local time: 10:21 PM

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