Saturday, Mar 8, 2014
This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 8, 2014

A Stroll In The Park 12-Hour Endurance Run

There’s nothing better than a timed ultra for showing
runners what they can accomplish. For its eight year A Stroll in The Park
Endurance Run will provide runners a chance to test their medal against
the clock. As one runner said, "miles in this race are like potato chips -- I wanted to do just one more!"

NEW Location! Crushed gravel running surface!

We are moving to Chattahoochee Point -- 5790 Chattahoochee Pointe Dr, Suwanee, GA 30024 This is a new park which opened in June, 2015. The one mile loop is FLAT and is crushed gravel. For those who hate trails and hate asphalt, this race is for you! There are no rocks or roots to trip you and the soft surface is kind to your legs.

Race Information

The race begins at 7:00 AM and ends at 7:00 PM. The course is on FLAT crushed gravel, one mile per loop. The loop is inside a park where there are restrooms available. The park will be open, so expect inquisitive looks and comments from passers-by.

There are NO lights along the path after dark, so we recommend bringing a head lamp to wear once the sun goes down. Wearing gaiters is recommended.

Aid and Lap Counting

There will be one aid station with drinks, cold and hot food,
cookies, candy and anything else we can think of. Pizza is served at around
noon and soup and grilled cheese sandwiches later in the day. Some vegetarian items will be included.

Lap Counting is done by volunteers who are trained to count
laps carefully. We don’t have snazzy timing gizmos, but smart and dedicated volunteers can make mistakes. If we miss a lap, we’ll take your word for it.
There is plenty of parking close to the course and there
is also ample room for chairs and other self-support items. 


One mile FLAT crushed gravel loop inside Chattahoochee Point Park in Forsyth County, GA. There is a covered pavilion which will be used as an aide station and runner supply area. There is one permanent restroom facility in the park.

Awards and Registration

Participants would are still in attendance at 7:00 PM will be eligible to win one of several a raffle prizes. 12 Hour participants will receive an engraved plaque with their name and number of miles run on it. Number of miles plaques will be mailed later. Registration is now open. Late entrants may not receive a plaque or t-shirt. Mail registration forms and payment to: Lia Knower, Race Director, 550 Grovsner Terrace, Alpharetta, GA 30005. 

Local time: 12:13 AM


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