Friday, Apr 10, 2015

Zion 100

Virgin , UT 100 Miler, 100K, 50K, 20K

Registration closes: Tue, Apr 7 @ 11:59PM


A challenging, scenic run through the southern Utah desert adjacent to Zion National Park. Four distances will be offered in 2014- a 20K, 50k, 100k, and a 100 miler. The 100 miler and 100k will be run on Friday, with the 50k on Saturday. The 100 mile course includes 5 steep climbs onto mesas that offer incredible views of the varied geological features of the area.   32 hour cut off (34 hours with the 4am early start option) for the 100 miler.  Hand crafted belt buckles made from materials gathered on the course awarded to 100 mile finishers.  Pre and post race meals are wood-fired pizzas made to order for each runner.  

Local time: 2:15 AM


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Matt Gunn
Race Director

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