Registered Entrants
Saturday, Dec 8, 2018

Brazos Bend 100

Needville, TX 100 Miler, 50 Miler, Marathon, 1/2 Marathon

RankAge RankResultsTargetAgeFirstLastCityLocBibFinishes 
100.0%100.0%115:03:12 M30-39  Daniel Lawton Cypress  TX          Results
97.8%98.8%715:23:54 M40-49  Robbie Marsh Georgetown  TX          Results
92.4%94.0%9416:17:36 M30-39  Ian Sharman Bend  OR        photo Results
90.9%100.0%216:33:24 M40-49  Leon Leonard Jefferson  TX          Results
87.0%91.1%6717:17:48 M40-49  Ryan Loehding Carrollton  TX      2   Results
85.1%93.6%917:41:43 M40-49  Matt Celone Flower Mound  TX      1 photo Results
84.1%86.6%2617:53:43 M30-39  Trevor Meding Sugar Land  TX      1   Results
84.1%87.6%2617:54:13 M40-49  Tom Flummerfelt Winchester  MA        photo Results
83.3%86.0%5718:04:32 M30-39  Matt Zmolek Spring  TX      4   Results
83.0%90.9%318:07:56 M30-39  Raleigh Walker Lawton  OK        photo Results
83.0%87.1%2218:08:35 M30-39  James Farrington Spring  TX          Results
82.8%87.9%4818:10:50 M30-39  Daniel Bucci Tacoma  WA      1   Results
82.7%65.5%218:11:37 M20-29  Luke Lofland Richland Hills  TX          Results
82.7%91.2%218:12:48 M40-49  Chris Thigpen Austin  TX          Results
81.8%91.7%818:24:10 M40-49  Daric Bass Belle Chasse  LA          Results
80.0%90.2%318:48:26 M20-29  Geoffrey Roest Albany  NY          Results
80.0%95.4%118:49:00 M40-49  Daniel Erwin Cypress  TX          Results
80.0%97.2%918:49:17 M40-49  Gordon Christie Katy  TX        photo Results
79.9%98.4%318:51:08 M40-49  Eduardo Garzon Spring  TX          Results
79.5%86.4%418:56:49 M30-39  Aaron McCreery Texas City  TX        photo Results
79.3%79.3%118:58:58 M20-29  Arnold Valle HOUSTON  TX          Results
79.3%85.9%318:59:24 M40-49  Mark Lawton Cypress  TX          Results
78.7%89.0%8519:08:14 M30-39  Patrick Sweeney Manhattan Beach  CA          Results
77.8%83.5%4219:21:32 M40-49  Jeff Rowthorn Mount Hope  ON          Results
77.5%80.5%219:25:35 M40-49  Shaun Barnes Whitefish Bat  WI          Results
77.1%77.1%119:31:37 M20-29  Joseph Green Galveston  TX          Results
76.8%83.8%619:36:30 M40-49  Pablo Perez Leon Katy  TX          Results
91.4%92.1%619:42:31 F30-39  Meg Parke Pittsburgh  PA          Results
75.8%76.2%1019:50:56 M30-39  Matthew Kimbrough Abilene  TX          Results
89.8%96.8%1220:04:00 F50-59  Ruth Loffi Stillwater  OK        photo Results
74.7%73.4%1820:09:07 M40-49  Ed Shelton Cedar Park  TX      2   Results
74.4%100.0%120:14:09 M60-69  Joseph Lawrence McKinney  TX        photo Results
74.4%72.8%920:14:28 M30-39  John Magnotti Houston  TX      1   Results
74.2%85.3%1120:17:25 M40-49  Carl Holt The Woodlands  TX          Results
88.5%91.6%2420:21:50 F30-39  Kimberly Palacios Beaumont  TX        photo Results
73.7%82.6%420:25:51 M30-39  Nathan Eguia Houston  TX        photo Results
73.0%82.4%1020:37:26 M30-39  Jonathan Salas Markham  TX          Results
86.6%98.4%1420:48:47 F50-59  Tonya Weaver Fayetteville  AR          Results
72.3%78.2%620:49:56 M30-39  Bryan Barnett Dallas  TX          Results
72.2%75.9%520:51:19 M40-49  Shannon Gardner Manvel  TX        photo Results
86.4%89.4%2720:51:32 F30-39  Dena Carr Copperas cove  TX          Results
86.0%94.5%1020:56:55 F30-39  Heather Borsellino Mount Hope  ON          Results
71.8%73.8%720:58:49 M30-39  Joe Carman Gig Harbor  WA          Results
71.4%81.8%121:05:10 M30-39  Andrew Bartos Houston  TX          Results
71.0%77.5%1421:12:50 M40-49  John Stasulli Killeen  TX        photo Results
70.6%81.3%1521:18:47 M40-49  Chip Reynolds Killeen  TX        photo Results
70.4%72.9%8921:23:41 M40-49  Sean Nakamura San Diego  CA        photo Results
70.1%80.6%2021:27:54 M40-49  Charles Fisher Katy  TX        photo Results
70.1%76.9%2321:28:16 M40-49  Jeremy Harrison Meeker  OK          Results
68.9%79.7%1321:50:42 M40-49  Calvin Kuo Olympia  WA          Results
82.2%85.0%1721:54:53 F30-39  Ali Sloan Austin  TX          Results
68.3%75.7%4222:03:11 M40-49  Adam Delu Albuquerque  NM        photo Results
67.8%74.7%222:12:21 M50-59  Daron Moore Kingwood  TX          Results
67.5%68.7%122:18:41 M40-49  David Miranda Austin  TX          Results
80.4%94.3%1822:24:59 F20-29  Amber Ellsworth Round Rock  TX          Results
80.3%85.8%1322:25:19 F40-49  Nike Weintraub Leander  TX        photo Results
67.0%73.6%2422:28:28 M30-39  Victor Valenzuela Houston  TX      3   Results
66.8%83.2%4822:32:06 M50-59  Trevor Hall Harker Hieghts  TX        photo Results
66.8%76.0%4722:32:55 M40-49  Joseph Meyer Comstock Park  MI      1   Results
66.7%86.4%1422:34:44 M60-69  Nick Castillo Ft Worth  TX          Results
66.4%70.6%722:40:03 M30-39  Todd Gunter Utica  MI        photo Results
79.4%95.9%722:40:34 F50-59  Linda Doyle san antonio  TX          Results
79.4%85.3%1622:42:06 F30-39  Trisha Perez Houston  TX          Results
79.3%83.4%1322:42:37 F30-39  Chelsea Ross Irving  TX        photo Results
66.1%68.6%522:46:13 M40-49  Chuck Baker Georgetown  TX      2 photo Results
66.1%71.8%322:46:13 M30-39  Eric Bruce Ofallon  IL          Results
65.7%78.0%1022:54:44 M30-39  James Mueller Houston  TX          Results
65.6%65.6%222:57:28 M20-29  Matthew Romanchuk The Woodlands  TX          Results
65.5%79.1%13922:59:34 M50-59  Rene Villalobos fortworth  TX      2   Results
65.4%94.2%9423:01:28 M60-69  Larry Creveling Sigel  PA        photo Results
65.3%79.7%923:02:57 M50-59  Jeff Williams Cypress  TX          Results
77.9%82.4%2023:07:49 F20-29  Stephanie Sher San Francisco  CA          Results
65.1%69.8%2023:07:50 M20-29  Ryan Peterson Albert Lea  MN          Results
65.0%72.3%523:08:42 M40-49  Luke Smith lexington  SC          Results
77.7%79.1%323:11:02 F30-39  Nicole Wilson Cibolo  TX        photo Results
64.8%93.8%3123:14:03 M<20  Stephen Ellsworth Round Rock  TX          Results
64.7%74.8%10223:15:21 M50-59  Randy Saxon Ellisville  MS          Results
77.4%90.8%323:15:53 F30-39  Stephanie Barnes Sugar Land  TX          Results
64.4%72.0%2123:21:37 M40-49  Scott Peters Atlanta  GA          Results
64.4%70.9%723:21:37 M30-39  Brian Bauer Houston  TX          Results
64.2%64.2%223:26:12 M30-39  Luis Reyes Groves  TX          Results
63.8%69.9%1023:35:54 M40-49  Trinity Caver Belton  TX          Results
63.8%91.1%12223:36:48 M70+  Ian Maddieson Albuquerque  NM        photo Results
76.3%95.7%1723:37:29 F50-59  Delaine Garcia San Antonio  TX          Results
75.8%83.3%823:45:42 F40-49  Christine Jones Austin  TX          Results
75.8%83.3%1023:46:05 F30-39  Rosalba Zuniga El Paso  TX        photo Results
75.7%78.7%1123:47:35 F40-49  Kathryn Ivey Coalgate  OK      1   Results
63.1%75.6%1823:50:42 M20-29  Marco Antonio Arcola  TX        photo Results
63.1%81.7%3523:51:10 M60-69  James Tuscany Hilo  HI          Results
75.5%80.3%723:51:11 F30-39  Paula Chaves san antonio  TX          Results
63.0%83.9%1123:53:40 M30-39  Carl Norwood Addison  TX          Results
62.7%71.3%724:01:40 M50-59  Paul Szendrey Georgetown  TX        photo Results
62.5% 224:05:08 M50-59  Alex Novak Bethesda  MD          Results
74.6%74.6%124:09:25 F40-49  Jill Kuhn Spring  TX          Results
74.6%78.5%1624:09:37 F30-39  Adrienne Rock Enumclaw  WA          Results
74.3%88.5%16924:14:17 F50-59  Jill Hudson Seattle  WA        photo Results
61.9%69.3%2524:20:05 M30-39  Larry Kocian Harker Heights  TX          Results
61.6%93.9%424:25:17 M60-69  Bernie Gonzales Fort Worth  TX          Results
61.5%67.0%1124:28:09 M30-39  James Coburn Austin  TX          Results
61.5%74.5%1724:29:35 M50-59  Bill Mack The Woodlands  TX          Results
73.5%78.5%4824:30:55 F30-39  Sabrina Seher Tacoma  WA        photo Results
61.2%66.7%3824:34:52 M40-49  Steven Monte Dallas  TX      1   Results
61.2%72.6%3024:36:19 M40-49  Todd Ellsworth Round Rock  TX          Results
61.1%74.9%7624:39:27 M50-59  John Buzansky Jamison  PA          Results
61.0%90.3%4324:40:40 M60-69  Wayne Schlosser College Station  TX      1 photo Results
60.9%76.6%324:43:50 M50-59  John Moehnke Wilmington  NC          Results
60.8%62.4%824:45:03 M30-39  Ryan Byers Woodlands  TX        photo Results
60.8%63.4%2724:46:31 M40-49  Orlando Galvan Houston  TX      2   Results
72.7%81.5%1324:47:06 F30-39  Heather Latham Flower Mound  TX        photo Results
72.7%73.8%324:47:19 F40-49  Becky Salazar Herrin  IL          Results
72.6%86.5%1624:48:45 F50-59  Cheryl Kastl Meeker  OK          Results
60.6%64.2%324:49:27 M30-39  Christopher Smith San Antonio  TX          Results
60.5%68.1%2824:51:55 M50-59  Douglas Beattie Darien  IL          Results
60.5%69.9%3624:53:24 M40-49  Alberto Medellin League City  TX      1 photo Results
60.5%75.7%924:53:24 M50-59  Mark Temple Bay Springs  MS          Results
60.5%71.9%624:53:39 M40-49  Jon Bourgeois youngsville  LA        photo Results
60.4%62.8%5024:54:53 M30-39  Jonathan French Katy  TX        photo Results
72.3%87.2%824:55:57 M40-49  Brent Cunningham Honey Grove  TX          Results
60.3%60.3%124:57:51 M30-39  Misael Guzman Sugar Land  TX          Results
72.0%82.4%3025:01:34 F40-49  Christine Fischer Owasso  OK          Results
60.1%67.9%1825:01:50 M40-49  Stephen Roddy Olalla  WA          Results
59.7%69.1%525:13:40 M50-59  Rob Mendoza Flower Mound  TX          Results
59.5%72.7%2225:18:46 M60-69  Mark Mills Conesus  NY        photo Results
59.1%71.4%525:27:14 M50-59  Tapani Tarnanen Helsinki  FIN      1 photo Results
70.8%74.8%2025:27:40 F30-39  Veronica Carson Killeen  TX          Results
70.7%75.4%1625:28:06 F40-49  Leah Brasher Nacogdoches  TX      2   Results
70.7%77.7%2225:28:32 F50-59  Karen Faber Tomball  TX          Results
59.0%70.7%5625:30:36 M50-59  Dennis Bisnette Laurel  MS          Results
70.2%73.1%1025:39:39 F30-39  Yanira Wardlaw San Antonio  TX          Results
58.6%68.7%325:40:31 M40-49  Noah Krueger Austin  TX          Results
58.4%72.7%125:45:32 M40-49  Javier Vazquez Harlingen  TX          Results
69.8%78.8%1825:48:28 F40-49  Fanny Barrette Calgary  AB        photo Results
58.3%66.6%125:48:58 M20-29  Alexander Kosub San Antonio  TX          Results
58.2%65.8%425:52:10 M40-49  Russell Lang Buda  TX          Results
69.6%72.2%3925:53:08 F30-39  Carmen Martinez Houston  TX          Results
69.6%71.8%1625:53:49 F30-39  Lydia Rios Manvel  TX      1 photo Results
68.8%73.0%3026:10:17 F30-39  Emily Rials Cypress  TX        photo Results
68.4%68.9%226:20:51 F30-39  Amanda Oliver FORT WORTH  TX          Results
57.0%62.8%726:25:58 M50-59  Steve Alexander Vicksburg  MS        photo Results
56.2%65.8%926:46:16 M40-49  Edward Mickelson Pearland  TX      2   Results
56.2%62.6%826:48:16 M50-59  Marty Deason Katy  TX          Results
66.8%79.0%526:58:01 F30-39  Tracy Almazan Weir  TX          Results
55.7%71.6%227:01:16 M50-59  Raphael Villavicencio Zionsville  IN          Results
66.5%69.4%3527:06:32 F30-39  Shannon Plesh Lincoln  RI          Results
66.4%77.3%527:07:16 F40-49  Shelly Browne Katy  TX          Results
66.4%78.8%627:08:59 F40-49  Sarah Honaker spring  TX        photo Results
66.1%69.3%227:14:24 F40-49  Kira Rogala Big Sky  MT          Results
66.0%68.3%127:16:53 F20-29  Faith Akioyamen Rosharon  TX          Results
66.0%72.2%1127:17:22 F40-49  Eva McCarthy Tulsa  OK          Results
55.1%78.0%427:18:55 M50-59  John Hyak Victoria  TX      1   Results
55.1%58.3%727:19:31 M40-49  Roberto Ozaeta Katy  TX          Results
55.0%61.1%2327:22:47 M40-49  Jeremy Hanson Houston  TX        photo Results
54.5%63.8%2427:38:29 M40-49  Sean Halstead Valera  TX        photo Results
54.3%63.5%827:44:17 M40-49  Joshua Manning Katy  TX          Results
64.9%69.5%227:46:40 F30-39  Rebecca Jack Clovis  NM          Results
64.5%81.1%2127:55:42 F50-59  Christiana Garton san antonio  TX      1   Results
53.8%53.8%127:59:08 M40-49  Cory Cortesi Ft worth  TX          Results
53.7%100.0%128:01:19 M40-49  Alain Ducante Richmond  TX          Results
64.2%73.6%928:04:19 F40-49  Mimi Torrez The Woodlands  TX          Results
53.3%70.6%2028:14:15 M50-59  Michael Kennick Helotes  TX        photo Results
63.7%66.5%2128:17:17 F30-39  Natalia Harrison Fort Worth  TX      1 photo Results
53.2%54.8%1128:19:02 M30-39  John Fazzio Hoboken  NJ          Results
53.0%71.0%328:23:12 M50-59  Thomas Fons Katy  TX          Results
63.4%62.4%428:25:35 F40-49  Angie Collins Spring  TX        photo Results
52.7%61.5%1128:33:13 M40-49  Joseph Gorlaski Levittown  PA          Results
62.9%64.2%728:37:14 F30-39  Agatha Kerr Schertz  TX          Results
62.9%75.2%1028:38:20 F40-49  Amy May Gordon  TX          Results
52.0%60.0%228:58:36 M40-49  Trent Fruge New Iberia  LA          Results
50.9%54.8%429:33:26 M40-49  Chris Larsen League City  TX        photo Results
50.5%57.0%529:48:53 M30-39  David Shanahan Auburn  MA          Results
50.0%58.5%630:05:41 M30-39  Jeremy Franks Vidor  TX          Results
59.2%72.6%1730:26:02 F40-49  Angie Wilson College Station  TX          Results
58.9%60.8%830:35:58 F40-49  Julie Millen Katy  TX          Results
49.2%82.9%2330:36:54 M60-69  Donald Flynn San Antonio  TX      1 photo Results
58.7%71.9%230:41:17 F40-49  Mary Garcia SPRING  TX        photo Results
58.0%79.1%531:04:28 F40-49  Leslie Stokes The Woodlands  TX          Results
48.0%66.0%131:20:30 M50-59  Christopher Hartfield katy  TX          Results
47.9%49.6%131:26:00 M40-49  Scott Schwausch Houston  TX          Results
56.5%70.1%3731:52:58 F40-49  Dana Mathew Satellite Beach  FL          Results
47.0%51.3%132:02:08 M40-49  Aaron Burros Houston  TX          Results
55.8%76.8%2532:17:40 F60-69  Janice Lisle South Lake Tahoe  CA          Results
54.2%70.9%733:13:03 F40-49  Abby Ayers Enterprise  AL        photo Results
54.2%59.2%2033:13:47 F40-49  Melissa Gillespie Davis Willis  TX          Results
53.9%53.9%133:26:00 F50-59  Susan Marrero Spring  TX          Results
53.0%54.9%333:59:41 F30-39  Glenna Boggs Pasco  WA          Results
44.2%48.2%134:04:51 M40-49  Anthony Deiterman Fort Worth  TX          Results
52.5% 134:17:09 F40-49  Deanna Hanshew Gig Harbor  WA          Results
49.7%49.9%536:16:01 F30-39  Ame Franks Vidor  TX          Results
39.5%47.1%138:04:17 M40-49  Arturo Chairez San Antonio  TX          Results
44.6%44.6%240:22:51 F30-39  Jenn Garnand New Orleans  LA          Results
30.3%30.3%159:33:00 F50-59  Isabel Arjona Houston  TX          Results
  0  M40-49  Jiwen Zeng Richmond  TX          Results
  0  M50-59  Steven Crye Fort Worth  TX          Results
  0  M20-29  Bernardo De Alba Austin  TX          Results
  0  M20-29  Julian Tahimik Killeen  TX          Results
  0  M20-29  Robert Koenig Rosenberg  TX          Results
  0  M40-49  Scott Prontiker McKeesport  PA          Results
  0  M40-49  Christian Rauch Cypress  TX          Results
  0  M30-39  Cory Scotti Port Richey  FL          Results
  0  M40-49  Juan Pena Fort Worth  TX          Results
  0  M30-39  Jesse Miller Minneapolis  MN          Results
  0  M30-39  Zach Gay Spring  TX          Results
  0  M50-59  Brent Wattigny Little Elm  TX          Results
  0  M20-29  Diego Velazquez De Leon Austin  TX          Results
  0  M30-39  Justin Degraaf Virginia Beach  VA          Results
  0  F40-49  Cristie Nutter St Charles  IL          Results
  0  M40-49  Avinash Galgale Austin  TX          Results
  0  M50-59  Roger Espinoza KATY  TX          Results
  0  M30-39  Brian Woodward Houston  TX          Results
  0  F40-49  Monica Polonyi Conroe  TX          Results
  0  M30-39  Jason Marquez Pearland  TX          Results
  0  M30-39  Andy Hooks San Antonio  TX          Results
  0  M70+  Carl Hecox New Braunfels  TX          Results
  0  M40-49  Brian Breen Orland Park  IL          Results
  0  M40-49  Ryan Breen Chicago  IL          Results
  0  M30-39  Scott Collister Conroe  TX          Results