June 16 - 20, 2021

Happy Camper Endurance Run

Westminster, CO 200 Miler, 150 Miler, 100 Miler, 50 Miler

As spots become available, people on the waitlist will be selected. Selection will be based on their order on the list. Selected participants will be notified via email once you have been selected. If you would like to add your name to the list, use the green "Register" button on this page.

Waiting for participant to respond


Waitlist Applicants

21 Applicants
Order  HomeRank
1    Luke Shumard Arvada, CO52.0%
2    Nancy Shumard Arvada, CO58.4%
3    Colin Purdy Westminster, CO46.8%
4    Precious Moreland Golden, CO63.7%
5    Andy Tekriwal Denver, CO59.8%
6    Young Chung Aurora, CO 
7    Anne-Marie Nuno Parker, CO97.6%
8    Myron Moncur san jose, CA 
9    David Deramee Buna, TX 
10    Mark Stefanowski Longmont, CO 
11    Noah Stamsta Englewood, CO 
12    Brianna Williams Fenton Colorado Springs, CO78.9%
13  photo Aaron Vanderwaal Seattle, WA76.7%
14    Jim Freim Pueblo, CO62.0%
15  photo Crystal Littrell Arvada, CO58.4%
16    Adam Fernandez Denver, CO 
17    Suzanne Focht Denver, CO66.0%
18    Maddie Mullen Colorado Springs, CO 
19    Shaun Miller Boulder, CO62.3%
20    Benjamin Jones Pike, NH76.4%
21  photo Jonathan Shark Colorado Springs, CO62.3%