Quest for the Crest 50k / 10k 50K, Vertical K / 10k
Burnsville, NC
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  1. Josh
    Josh Ferguson  - October 20, 8:07 AM
    Has anybody done this race before? If so, any estimates on time it takes to complete the 10K?
    1. Sean Blanton  - October 23, 10:05 AM
      the fastest time ever done was an hour and 2 minutes. He is a world mountain running champion. This is a power hike up run down. most people take 60 minutes -90 minutes to do the climb itself then another 30-60 minutes to do the downhill. if you're slower then add more time for all.
      use FB event page to ask questions. This will be year 7 of the race and the course hasn't changed :)