Harding Hustle 50K, 30K, 15K
Modjeska Canyon, CA
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  1. Larry
    Larry Orabuena  - July 9, 2:26 PM
    Thinking about a new pair of shoes.
    My last 50k was at Griffith Park which did okay. Didn't exactly beat my last year times, although it was muddy, wet, drizzling ect..I had these north face trail running shoes, they were fabulous, now they are coming apart on the side. I'm a big toe box fan. So more rubber here.
  2. Larry
    Larry Orabuena  - July 8, 4:23 PM
    Been running up and down these truck trails. Gets really warm after 11am.
  3. Larry
    Larry Orabuena  - July 8, 4:22 PM
    Hope to beat my last year's time.