Saturday, Mar 18, 2023

Vagabond Classic - 5k, 10k, Half, Full

5213 Harkey Road

Waxhaw, NC 26 Miler, 1/2 Marathon, 10K, 5K

This Event Took Place Sat. Mar 18, 2023

Race Description

If you're a misfit, a monster, or a crazy trail runner, we want you to come join us for the fourth year of one of our favorite races. We're offering even more fun this year as we are adding a 5k and 10k option to our race to allow runners of all levels to join in on the party without having to worry about running too far of a distance to feel the atmosphere that surrounds trail running events.

If this is your first time running trails and you aren't used to running long distances, both the 5k and 10k option will be great for you to join in on. The 5k loop, while it has its challenges is very manageable and conquerable for all skill levels. If this is your first time running trails you'll get the great experience of running over roots and rocks as you spread your arms out and touch the trees while staring out across a beautiful lake. If you want to go a few miles more, the 10k option will run this 3 mile loop twice and let you get back out there one more time to experience this beautiful park. This doubling up is also a great introduction into the wider trail running scene in which many ultras consist of loop courses, so you'll get your first taste of what it's like in a more manageable distance.

For those rebels and daredevils who want to run longer, we've got a half marathon and marathon distance for you. This 13 mile loop will encompass the majority of the park and will give you a multitude of challenges to endure as you weave your way through the trails. There are no major climbs on this course but a few hills that will sneak up on you. Run this loop once just to get a taste or go for the full marathon and conquer it twice to hold bragging rights.

For the 5k and 10k options, you will only have an aid station at the Start/Finish line. It will be fully stocked and offer you everything you need before and after the run. For the half marathon and marathon runners, you will have the aid station at the Start/Finish line as well as two on course aid stations in case you need a little extra to push you through the race.

The course will close at 5:30pm. This means half marathon and full marathon runners both have 9 hours to complete their races. And 5k and 10k runners will have 8 and a half hours to complete their races. This is a very manageable time for runners of all skill levels to reach the finish line. If you have ever looked for a race that you won't be rushed to the finish line, here it is.

Swag: We take pride in our shirts and medals and want to make sure you enjoy them as well. If you register before March 1st you will be guaranteed a medal and the shirt size you order. If you register after March 1st, we will try to make sure we have enough for you but we will not be able to guarantee it.

Top 3 Awards: There will be top 3 awards for men and women in each distance. We do not do age group awards for our races.

Refunds: There will be no refunds for this race. In the event that you may need to miss the race, we may be able to help defer your race to the following year, but there is nothing we can do to get your money back. Everything that goes into the race is used to make orders for all the gear and permits we have to pay for in advance.

Event's current local time: 10:21 AM ET


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