August 4 - 5, 2023
This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 5, 2023


The perfect summer training experience! Finally, a rails-to-trails summer night race (actually a two night event). No tripping and no hills here! A 2.5 mile out and back in a safe area surrounded by your friends. Opportunities to share miles together or pass and wave all night for a great community atmosphere.

Last Man Standing - New ( in addition to the timed/distance events)

The traditional 4.167 distance per hour as an out and back on a flat rail trail course. The same course as the other runners in the event only slightly shorter. Runners will be tested for 12 hours, then a break until 6pm Saturday to resume for a final 14 hours. The last hour will be a first person to finish race. Runners can get up to 108 miles. If a runner misses a lap and is out of the LMS, they may continue to reach a mileage goal on the final day.


Any runner who breaks the 100 mile distance total for the two nights will get a free entry to Kansas Rails to Trails, Flatrock, or Honey Badger.


Friday timed event

Packet Pickup begins at 6pm

Veterans Memorial Park
West south lake drive
(west entrance to crystal lake in google maps).,-95.246027&q=Dropped%20Pin&t=h
Garnett, Kansas

3/6/12 hour races on a 2.5 mile out and back (5 miles each lap)
12 hour starts at 8pm
6 hour can be done 8-2 or 8-11 and 5-8. 
3 hour can start at 8pm or 5am (Saturday morning)
Podium awards for 12 hour, 8-2, and 8-11 only.

A cone will also be placed at 0.5 miles out (1 mile out/back) for the last hour of the your race. Meaning, if you start a lap during the last hour you may add distance by doing 1 mile laps and crossing the 1 mile timing mat. 

Saturday distance event

Lake Garnett Park
NW Lake Road
On the west side of the lake next to the trail.

Packet Pickup begins at 5pm

2.5 mile out and back (5 miles each lap)
5 mile/10 mile/20 mile/30 mile/50 mile
6pm start for 20/30/50 with 14 hour cutoff.
6:30pm start for 10 mile
7pm start for 5 mile 

There will be a main aid station at the start/finish areas as well as water at the turnaround. Portable toilets will be at the start/finish.


Runners who do either night receive the train engine award
Runners who do both nights (any distances) also get the caboose. You must do both nights to get the caboose. Awards can be viewed in the photos above.
Virtuals count as one night
Doublers will also receive a two night award (train conductor hat)
All registered runners get the pocket watch and train whistle shown above.

Coupon codes

12 hour/50 mile (must do both) doublers get 20% off with the code Bigdouble
All other double distances use the code doubledecker for 10% off (you must sign up for both and we will check)

Event's current local time: 7:01 AM CT


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