August 4 - 6, 2023

Oakridge Triple Summit Challenge

Oakridge, OR 40M Stage Race, 20k, 30K, 15K

This Event Took Place Sun. Aug 6, 2023

Oakridge Triple Summit Challenge


Try a new challenge this year! Do something unique and embark on an experience you can't get anywhere else!
The Oakridge Triple Summit Challenge is the only three day stage trail running race in the state of Oregon!

Join us in scenic Oakridge, Oregon for the 8th annual running of the Oakridge Triple Summit Challenge Stage race. This is an epic trail stage race located in the Pacific Northwest; Oakridge has nearly 500 miles of densely forested trails. Truly a trail running paradise! Come compete on one, two or all three amazing mountainous trails equaling to just under 40 miles of racing!

You will be able to camp out at the race venue on Thursday through Sunday!.You will be able to use the showers at the High School on Friday and Saturday as well!

Three Day Stage Race

This option is for all three days. You will be eligible for the overall prize awards given to the top three male and female finishers for the entire stage race, as well as king/queen of the mountain awards, Sprint awards, overall Masters awards, and overall dog awards.

30k Dead Mountain

This race will be on the first day of the stage race, and also the longest stage. The race will start and finish at Greenwaters Park. This race has three aid stations that you hit a total of six times. The King/Queen of The Mountain summit will be at mile 9. The sprint segment will be from the top of the mountain to the bottom at around mile 9.5 to mile 14.5.
You will have gorgeous views of the Willamette National Forest and will run on Devils Backbone. The terrain for this race is about 14 miles of single track trail, 3 miles of wide trail, and 1 mile of gravel.

15k Larison Rock

This race is the second day of the stage race. The race will start and finish at Greenwaters Park. This race has one aid station that you will hit twice at mile 4.5, and mile 5.5. The summit for the King and Queen of the Mountain is at mile 5. The terrain for this course is 8 miles of single track trail, and one mile of gravel.

17k Salmon Creek

This race is the last day of the stage race, and has the least amount of vert. This is also the easiest of the three stages, so a great introductory trail race! The race will start and finish at Greenwaters Park. This race has one aid station at 5 miles. The King/Queen of the Mountain segment starts at the aid station and finishes at the summit (mile 5.5ish) The Sprint segment starts at the top and ends at the bottom of the trail at around mile 6.25.The terrain for this course is 7.5 miles of single track trail, and 3 miles of gravel trail.


STAGE WINNERS: Male/female winner of each stage will receive a pair of ON shoes! You are only eligible for one pair, so that way we ensure six different runners will receive a pair of ON's during the stage race. .

KING/QUEEN OF THE MOUNTAIN:1st male and female to reach the summit of each race will receive an award through our sponsors. 1st male/female with the fastest overall summit on all three races will receive a customized King/Queen of the Mountain Trophy.
SPRINT STAGE WINNER: Each stage will have a sprint segment. The fastest male/female will receive an award through our sponsors. First overall Sprint Champion for the entire stage race will receive a trophy.

OVERALL STAGE RACE WINNER:The overall winners will receive a customized trophy. They will also receive a complementary entry to next years event. The overall winners will also be featured on next years' bibs so that way everyone knows they are the defending champions!

MASTERS WINNERS:The overall female/male masters winners will receive a trophy.
All stage race finishers will receive a finishers award.

The top 3 male/female for each race will receive a customized medal.
We will do all of the overall awards on Sunday, as well as some fun awards, so stay for the fun!

Unique Bibs

If you register for the stage race you will receive three unique bibs. Each bib will showcase the previous male/female winner from that stage running the race from last year's event.

After the 1st stage, the current overall male/female leader will receive a yellow bib. The current king/queen of the mountain will receive a polka dot bib, the current sprint leader will receive a green bib, the current masters leader will receive a white bib, and the current dog leader will receive a bib that has.the previous dog champion the year before showcased on the bib. This is similar to the Tour De France!

Food and Beverages

Each day all runners will be awarded a complementary lunch. We will also have adult beverages provided after each run courtesy of Ninkasi Brewing! Party on!

Dog Friendly Race!

Limted to 5 dogs per race only, and MUST be on leash or very well behaved. There will be a doggy treat for all dog finishers, a doggy winner each day, as well as a doggy overall prize for the entire weekend. All aid stations will have a dog water bowl, and dog biscuits...but just because they are dog biscuits doesn't mean humans can't have one. a few years ago a runner did just that!:)

Sunday there is no limit for doggies!!! Sunday is a looped course and the easiest day so all well behaved dogs are welcome!


No race would ever be successful without volunteers. Volunteers are the most important part of the race and because of that, we will reward you with a free gourmet lunch and drinks each day! You will also get a credit to any Elevated Trail Racing event, good for an entire year!


FREE CAMPING: For all stage race runners you can camp at Green Waters Park Thursday through Saturday. This is also the race venue for the entire weekend. You can car camp or pitch a tent. NO FIRES! There will also be free showers at the Oakridge High School, less than a half mile away!

There are a handful of places you can stay at in Oakridge and Westfir that will provide you with a nice sleep, great experience and will not break the bank. Here are a few options and please visit back later for possible discounts.

Westfir Lodge
47365 1st Street, Westfir, OR 97492

Oakridge Lodge & Guest House
48175 East 1st Street, Oakridge, OR 97463

Best Western Oakridge
47433 Highway 58, Oakridge, OR 97463

Race Policies

Please checkout the Race Policies on the Oakridge Triple Summit Challenge website:

Event's current local time: 4:35 PM PT


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