Friday, May 26, 2023 @ 7:00 PM
This Event Took Place Fri. May 26, 2023


Coalfields Backyard Ultra is a Bronze Ticket race toward the World Backyard Ultra Championship and first Backyard Ultra in West Virginia. The race will take place on Memorial Day weekend, May 24. The Coalfields Backyard Ultra is a Lazarus Lake sanctioned event through the Backyard Ultra.

Date: May 24 (Memorial Day Weekend)
Time: 7:00pm start
Location: Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College
Format: Last Runner Standing
Description: Participants will run every hour on our 4.1667 mile, down and back loop.

Be prepared. Most Backyard Ultras can take place for 3 days or more. Prep your crew and the essentials you need during the weekend.

2023 Coalfields Backyard winner: Matthew Young from Hurricane, WV with 75 miles, 18 yards, 13:55 with the assist from Clay Smith


We will have a professional timer to help us count each yard with an updated TV screen/laptop. We will also provide live results and live video feed

Bronze Ticket to the Individual World Backyard Ultra Championship

**This information will be updated

Huge news!

West Virginia's first Backyard Ultra has been selected as a Bronze race! What does that mean? It means that Lazarus Lake has selected our race to be a designated path toward the Individual World Championship Backyard Ultra. The winner of our event then takes the path toward the "Silver selected races."

From Backyard Ultra website, "The winners of the Silver Ticket events will have a place on the national team. Slots in the Silver Ticket events might be hard to obtain, but you can secure one of those places by winning a Bronze Ticket event.

In addition to the places on the team secured by winning a Silver Ticket event, there will be places for At-Large additions to the team. As an example, the 15 man US team will have 6 places determined by the winners of 6 Silver Ticket events. The other 9 places will be determined by the top results on the At-Large list. A good result in any event you run during the qualifying period (which began August 16, 2022 and ends August 15 2024) can place you on that list. The top 9 performances, outside the winners of the 6 Silver Tickets, will earn those runners a place on the team."

Course info

The course has been measured to be 4.1667 (2.08 miles down and 2.08 miles back). The course takes place at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College (1601 Co Hwy 52/27, Williamson, WV 25661). Participants make their way out of the parking lot onto to asphalt course along the West Williamson Flood wall river path. At the end of the path, they will pass Williamson PK-8 school (gravel road) and run through a neighborhood division, pass a recreation area/community center to the turnaround point at 2.08 miles. The course is very flat and challenging being on asphalt. The course will be well-marked with cones, directional arrows, and any type of markers.

We will only have one aid station at the start/finish line. No artificial aid is allowed on the course such as your team coming to meet you on the course. Each participant will come back to the start/finish line. We will have aid such as water, and hydration, food, and porta potties. Participants are allowed to have their own aid and supplies for the event to keep them going.

Participants can set up camp at the start/finish line for them to rest within how many minutes they arrive from their loop.

There is one section of the course where the path can be very saturated. If it comes to that, we will redirect the course to the other side of the guardrail. Just follow the same flow as the course goes. Again, only if rains a lot during the weekend.

Pricing tiers

Registration opens May 29 at $100

Next price increase is November 30 at $115

Last price change is March 3 at $130

Backyard Ultra Rules

1. Course

Loop or out and back

Must be 4 miles 880 feet in length

Metric equivalent 6.7056 kilometers

2. Starting Corral

Measured to fit entire starting field

Corral stays the same size thru out the event

Participants must be in the starting corral at the bell

I agree with these rules.

3. Starts

Each loop starts precisely 1 hour after the last

Warning must be given 3, 2, and 1 minutes prior to start

All competitors must start at the bell (no late starts)

I agree with these rules.

4. Loops

Except for restrooms, competitor may not leave the course until each loop is completed

No non-competitors on the course (including eliminated runners)

No personal aid during a loop (common aid stations are allowed)

Each loop must be completed within an hour to be counted… including the final lap.

No artificial aids (including trekking poles)

Slower runners must allow passes.

I agree with these rules.

5. Timing

Timing of the loops is optional

I agree with this rule.

6. Winner/Results

The winner is the last person to complete a loop

All others are technically DNF

Results of each runner in terms of distance covered are to be given.

If no runner can complete one more loop than anyone else, there is no winner.

7. Cap

Race must be open ended.

Coalfields Backyard Rules

Race begins every hour. The goal is not about who is the fastest, but how long can you push yourself during the Memorial Day Weekend. The yards will accumulate each hour with your mileage being added.

At each hour, we will have a warning system before each lap begins.

We will ring a bell:

-3 min before
-2 min before
-1 min before we start the loop.

30 seconds will be announced before the start
• We will have a 10-second countdown before the start
• START (Bell will be rung)

- You have one hour to finish the loop. If you make it in time to the start/finish line, the participants can rest in between before the next loop begins at the top of the hour. Participants can go rest at their station, eat, use the restroom, etc before we begin again.

- We will put porta potties at both ends of the course and also have the Tech building open for restrooms and food.

- If you do not make it back to the top of the hour, then you are considered a "DNF." Please do let our race organizers know if you are dropping out of the race. If there are 2 people left on the course and the other one DNFs, the lone participant must finish the loop to be considered the winner and Last Runner Standing.

- Those who are DNF will receive a unique item.

Food and camping

Food will be offered from local restaurants and from locals in the community. We will also prepare food as well along with snacks, water, and hydration.

We will charge a camping fee of $10 per day. We will have online registration for you to reserve your spot.

Participants and crew can set up the day before.

Event's current local time: 5:22 PM ET


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