October 2 - 15, 2023

Quad Killer Vertical Kilometer


Benton City, WA vertical kilometer

This Event Took Place Sun. Oct 15, 2023

Race Overview

This race is open between Oct 7th and Oct 20th. Registration closes Oct 19th.

The Quad Killer is a vertical kilometer foot race... with a couple of twists. The trail that will be used is in Benton City, WA at the Horse Heaven Hills Recreation Area (i.e. McBee trails). After a couple of years scouring the Tri-Cities area, this is the only trail that could be found to hold a VK race on. Since we don't have 3 mile long hills around here, this trail is short enough and steep enough to allow meeting the VK criteria (1 km elevation gain in 5 km distance) with hill repeats. The trail being used is 0.33 mile long and gains 662 feet of elevation. While the average grade is just over 37%, there are a few sections that hit 50%.

Participants will need to climb the trail 5 times and descend it 4 times, thus you start at the bottom and finish at the top. From experience, the crux of this race is not the elevation gain - it is the descents... hence the race name. Due to how steep and narrow the trail is, it was decided to allow participants to do the event anytime within a 2-week window, which will limit the carnage that would occur with people passing one another. As such, you will need to self-time with a GPS device so the results can be verified.

The race window for this year is from 12:00am Monday October 7, 2024 – 11:59pm Sunday October 20, 2024.

For more information, visit the event website or send an email.

Event's current local time: 1:02 AM PT


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