Saturday, Sep 16, 2023 @ 4:00 AM

Spinal Tap Trail 50 Miler (Crimson Canyons)

Richfield, UT Spinal Tap 50 Miler

Registration closes: Wed, Sep 13 @ 11:59 PM

New for 2023!

Come experience the newest, very challenging, 50 mile race in Utah! The Spinal Tap 50 Miler is held in conjunction with the Crimson Canyons Ultra races. Parts of this race are on the amazing Pahvant Mountain Bike Trail System, and parts will be through primitive streambeds, ridgelines, and remote ATV trails. The signature center of this race is the newly completed Spinal Tap mountain bike trail, which is 18 miles all downhill, gradually dropping 4650 feet. This trail took a dedicated crew of engineers and workers three years (2020-2022) to build.

Before starting the Spinal Tap downhill trail, runners will first climb to the summit of White Pine Peak, at an elevation of 10,200 feet (3110 meters). Getting there will be a primitive adventure challenge, with about a 4 mile climb on cow paths along Willow Creek (South Fork) and then another 4 miles up a wide non-technical ridgeline.

Some Details

Total Distance: 50.7 miles / 81.6 km
Total Vert: 8587 feet / 2716 meters

Start: 4:00 am (get much of the climbing knocked out early)
End: 9:00 pm (17 hours final cut-off)

7 Aid Stations (with a good spread of options), and 3 other self-serve water drops

Personal hydration / Camelback required of all runners. The course map must be loaded before race-day onto a phone or other mapping device, as much of the climb to White Pine Peak (miles 10 to 21) will be minimally marked. A personal water filter is encouraged for this section as well.

Routing Details

The Spinal Tap trail starts on top of the Pahvant Range with open meadows and Aspen forests. The lower part of the trail has some unique slick rock sections.

Approximate Distances
Miles 1-6: Canal road to the Rifle Range
Miles 6-10: Up and then partially down Table Mountain
Miles 10-12: Up Trail 105
Miles 12-16: Willow Creek (South Fork) on cow trails adjacent the tiny stream
Miles 16-20: Ridgeline climb
Miles 20-21: Final summit climb to White Pine Peak and back down
Miles 21-39: Spinal Tap Trail descent
Miles 39-42: Dairy Canyon ascent
Miles 42-45: Up Trail #84 to Little Valley Overlook Aid Station
Miles 45-50: Pahvant Mountain Bike Trails down (One-in-a-Pinion, Faulty, Cairn-Age, & Big Red trails)

Note: miles 1 to 10, and miles 42 to 50 will travel the same trails and markings at the Crimson Canyons Ultra 50km route. Please see for more info and detail on these sections.

HERE is a YouTube video of the first full descent of the Spinal Tap trail the week it was completed by some of the construction committee members.

Lower Spinal Tap (the bottom 4 miles), which has a good amount of slick rock, has been touted the past several years since it opened, as one of the greatest bike trails ever created in Utah. Come experience the full trail!

Local time: 6:56 PM
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