Tuesday, Aug 1, 2023 @ 7:00 AM

Jolly Mountain Vert Run

Salmon La Sac Snopark

Ronald, WA 25k Elite Division, 25k Masters Division, 25k Sport Division, 16k Youth Under 20

This Event Took Place Tue. Aug 1, 2023

Cancelled Event


Vert Running Series Race #3

The most remote Vert Running Series race event will take you into the Teanaway area North of Cle Elum, Washington and will give you some great views of spectacular peaks of the Washington State’s West Cascade Mountain Range.

Not only are the vert and views great but the downhill is blistering fast!

Come into the remoteness of the Salmon La Sac area and leave behind all of the distractions of technology and people to enjoy time with our trail running family. This 25k loop will hand out 4,355 feet of challenging VERT! You get a chance to see the Teanaway area along with awesome views of Mount Rainier and the majestic Mount Stuart.

Come the night before and set up camp for the weekend so you can enjoy this great backcountry experience.

Four Divisions - Two Distances


This division is for sponsored runners or those that want to build their resume towards sponsorship.


Trail runners who don’t have the time to train like the Elites but want to get out and give it their all.


50 plus years of age, who still love to compete but are getting tired of those youngsters just nudging them out at the line.

Youth Under 20

Youth Under 20 division is part of the ATRA Youth Trail Initiative and we've added a shorter distance along with lower registration fees and full registration fee scholarships are available.


This is the Vert Running Series distance event with 4,335 feet of VERT and a quad smashing fast downhill to finish it out that will leave your eyes watering.


We added a 16k distance as an out and back course to enable the Youth Under 20 division and is part of their Vert Running Series points.

Event's current local time: 7:09 PM PT

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