Saturday, May 27, 2023 @ 9:00 AM

Mount Perry Backyard 24

4757 Rucker Road

Mount Perry, OH 24 Hour Backyard Ultra

This Event Took Place Sat. May 27, 2023

Mount Perry Backyard 24

The Mount Perry Backyard 24 will follow the same format as a typical backyard ultra race except the race will end at 24 hours even if there are still two runners willing to continue. The course is going to be challenging, so we expect a winner might be named...maybe.
Why choose the MP24? No roads sections! Plus, we have a relaxed fun race atmosphere.
Basic format:
-Run 4.167(ish) miles every hour. If you are in the start corral at the beginning of the next hour you may continue on. If not, you are a DNF.
-The race will continue for 24 hours or until no runners are left, whichever comes first.
Day Loop:
-Mix of field, single track, and double track for a single 4.2 mile loop with 560ft+ elevation per loop.
Night Loops:
-Mix of field and single track with a little gravel too. You will do two loops of the 2.1mile course that has about 260ft of elevation for the total 4.2 miles.

Event's current local time: 3:01 PM ET


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