Sunday, Jun 4, 2023 @ 9:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sun. Jun 4, 2023


Online registration until June, 2nd at 5pm
Day of registration starts at 7:30 am

25 pre-registration

Kennedy Park

Kennedy Park at the Arcadian shop trail head
91 Pittsfield rd Lenox, ma


Proceeds from the race will be directed back to the Kennedy park committee by request of the Weaver family.


Primary parking will be available at the Arcadian shop and overflow parking will be available at Lenox fit located at 90 Pittsfield rd

Course description

The course is a 5K rolling trail on well maintained trails within Kennedy Park.

The race will start right on Woolsey trail and head into the park. It's a slight up hill to the first left turn. You'll turn left into Deer run. Deer run is rolling trail and you'll continue this for approximately 3/4 of a mile where you'll take a right turn into Coakley for just a very short few steps that'll lead you straight into Redneck. Redneck can be a challenging run. Watch your footing here as there are many rocks and ledges to maneuver. It will tie back into Coakley after a couple nice climbs. Coakley will offer some relief with a nice downhill leading into Aspenwall which will be your last big climb. Follow the markers right onto Weaver Olympics and start preparing yourself for a fast downhill finish. Being very mindful of your footing through these trails as well, continue back to Woosley and its a straight shot back to the parking lot for the finish.


Top 3 men & women
Top 3 18 & under finishers

Presented by Salomon Running & Arcadian Shop

This race is meant to emphasize awareness of the terrible illness that is Parkinson's disease. It is being held in memory of a local resident of the Berkshires, Lois Weaver. She lost her twenty year battle with the disease this past autumn. Lois moved to Lenox with her family 50 years ago and soon became involved in community affairs. She had a great love of outdoor activity especially hiking and cross country skiing in which she became something of a fixture. Lois produced five local young racers including one 2 time olympian, Patrick. She was an excellent knitter and cook, known for her many pre race pasta dinners and car pool driver for the local high school teams over 13 years. Friends and community members often came to her for help and pointers both for cooking and knitting. Then approximatly twenty five years ago the early signs and symptoms of the parkinson's became apparent and progressed inexorably over the next 25 years, slowly robbing her of her many abilites and enjoyments until she lost the battle and passed on last October. We need to do more to help decrease both the frequency and severity of this terrible illness while hoping for an eventual cure.

Date and time

Sunday June, 4 2023 @ 9:00 am

Event's current local time: 2:11 PM ET


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