Saturday, Sep 9, 2023

Megunticook Trail Festival

280 Belfast Rd

Camden, ME 50K, Halfast 20k, Wicked Tough 10k

This Event Took Place Sat. Sep 9, 2023

About Megunticook Trail Festival

Race Where the Mountains Meet the Sea

Three Bold Trail Races In Camden, Maine

The Camden Hills of Maine are where the mountains meet the sea – and you’ll experience both in the only races to take place in the iconic Camden Hills State Park. The Wicked Tough 10 is a 10K race that will test even the most accomplished runner on step singletrack with 1600 feet of vertical gain. The new Halfast 20k takes place mainly on wide gravel trail, a great introductory race for those new to trail running or for experienced racers who want to test their speed. The Megunticook 50, is a 50K that is formidable and will traverse over 90% of the trails in the park. All afford a great and intimate taste of this unique area of the country.

Rising 1385 feet above sea level, Mount Megunticook is the second highest mountain (by 175’) along the Atlantic Coast and offers stunning views of Penobscot Bay and out to the open ocean. Both races are among the most challenging in their category but offer the opportunity to experience this unique area is a very special way. Entries are limited.

Megunticook 50k

Brutal. Beautiful. Two words that only begin to describe this event in the remote Midcoast area of Maine. It traverses over 90% of the trails of this gem with a minimum of overlap. The views along the course are stunning and even the speedy “contenders” will be tempted to stop and take them in. It’s not a race for the faint of heart. There are over 7600’ of elevation gain and the trails are steep with lots of rocks and roots. If you’re not going up or down, you’re probably off course. The cutoff time may seem generous at 11 hours, but this course will beat you up physically and mentally. And while it doesn’t have the 3000’ climbs of some of the races in the West, it has more overall vertical than most of those and would stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any of them for the level of difficulty. It’s not a circuit run multiple times and there are only 3 out-and-backs of 1.7 miles, .15 mile and .5 mile. There are 6 aid stations, one of which you hit twice for a total of 6. You’ll top all 6 of the significant peaks in the park (Battie, Bald Rock, Derry, Frohock, Cameron and Megunticook), experience numerous lookouts and cross an abundance of brooks and streams along the way.

Halfast 20k

New this year, the rebel Halfast 20k without as many rocks, roots and summits, is very different from our other races. A great option for someone wanting to dip their toes into the world of trail running for the first time. Alternatively, it's a great course for a runner who wants to test their speed on a faster 20k course. Mainly on wide gravel trail, only 3.9km of this course are single track. The only summit on this course is Cameron Mountain where to the east you'll get a view past Bald Rock Mountain to the ocean and to the west you'll be overlooking Megunticook Lake. You'll mostly be running on the Multi Use trail which starts as a steep ascent out of the campground and traverses to park all the way to Lincolnville. Here you'll turn around heading a mile back the way you came before changing course and heading out to Cameron Mountain. The multi use trail is wide and (mostly smooth) but it is not flat. Beside a few short stretches you will either be heading up or down hill. The elevation gain for the whole course is 1,900 feet. There are 2 aid stations, one of which you'll pass twice for a total of 3.

Wicked Tough 10

While not an ultramarathon, this 10K is no piece of cake. The views from Battie and the shoulder of Megunticook are stunning and will come at a time when runners will be very inclined to take a short break to enjoy them. With over 1600’ of elevation gain, this course will test even the most accomplished runner. The majority of the course is on trails through the beautiful woods. But twice, you’ll break out onto open ledge and have stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and the coastal areas from Acadia to Tenant’s Harbor. This signals the end to an arduous climb and the beginning of a much-appreciated downhill section. But make sure you have your “trail eyes” well trained lest a rock or root grab your foot. Whether a competitive runner wishing to test him/herself against one of the toughest courses around or a fast-walker more interested in exploring the mountains of Mid-Coast Maine, you will find what you’re looking for in the Wicked Tough Ten.

Deferrals granted for pregnancy or if you volunteer for this years race.

Event's current local time: 2:51 AM ET


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