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The Story of El Oso Loco

El Oso Loco (The Crazy Bear) Trail Race Series is a summer, mid-week race series meant to highlight the incredible trails of the Bear River Range in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest, while bringing the local trail running community together. The series was developed to showcase the trails we have here in Cache Valley's backyard and get more community members involved in the Adopt-a-Trail program in partnership between Cache Trails Alliance (CTA) and the local Forest Service district. All proceeds made through registration fees and t-shirt sales will help CTA grow staff, programming, and resources that will benefit our growing community of trail users.

Series Schedule

June 7th- First Dam/River Trail/ Bridger Look Off
Short course- 4.75 miles, +340 ft
Long course- 8.72 miles, +862 ft

June 14th- Providence Canyon
Short Course- 4.4 miles, +806 ft
Long Course- 6 miles, +1122 ft

June 21st- Jardine Juniper
Short Course- 4.27 miles, +876 ft
Long Course- 9.6 miles, +1901 ft

June 28th- Temple Fork and Spawn Creek
Short Course- 5.2 miles, +713 ft
Long Course- 9.11 miles, +2602 ft

July 12th- Right Hand Fork #1
Short Course- 5.4 miles, +1008 ft
Long Course- 9.27 miles, +1592 ft

July 19th- Steam Mill to Shorty’s Cutoff to Hell’s Kitchen
Short Course- 5 miles, +1076 ft
Long Course- 8.2 miles, +1785 ft

July 26th- Right Hand Fork #2
Short Course- 5.4 miles, +1008 ft
Long Course- 8.2 miles, +1,504 ft

All course maps are available here for download to a smart phone/GPS capable watch. All courses will be clearly flagged, but it is your responsibility to stay on course. Please note there are no aid stations on course. You must carry your own fuel/water.

Categories and Point System

Age/Sex Based Categories in 10 year increments (your racing age = your age on December 31st, 2022)

At every race two different races occur. Short Course Race = 3-5 miles and a Long Course Race = 7-9 miles. You must register to participate in either the short race series or long race series. You cannot mix and match distances.

You must participate in at least 5 Races to be considered for end of season awards. Participation is running in at least 5 races or running in at least 4 races and volunteering (5pm - close) once. Note- if you run in all 7 races, all your points will count.

1st place - 25 pts
2nd place - 20 pts
3rd place - 16 pts
4th place - 13 pts
5th place - 11 pts
6th place - 10 pts
7th place - 9 pts
8th place - 8 pts
9th place - 7 pts
10+ place - 6 pts

In other words, everyone who runs will receive at least 6 points for racing.

Volunteers will receive 25 series points (equivalent of 1st place) for volunteering 5pm - Close. You may volunteer more than once but will only receive the 25 points one time.

Will be given to the top 3 series point leaders for both the Long and Short Course at the end of the season. Additional age bracket winners may be awarded. You must participate in at least 5 Wednesday evening races to be considered for end of season awards. This creates the possibility of someone who has enough points to place in the top 3 in their category but does not qualify for end of season awards due to not having raced the minimum amount of races. In that case, the next qualifying participant on the points ladder will be considered for that award. This system favors the consistent racer.

This is a 2 month fitness program. You will get in shape, increase your speed, learn new trails, and create new friendships!

Long Course Races Start at 6:30 PM.
Short Course Races Start at 6:45 PM


Registration Details

Registration is capped at 100 runners for each race date. This means that no more than 100 racers total (both short and long courses) will be permitted for each race date.

Series passes will go on sale April 10th. Individual race registrations will go on sale April 20th.

Refunds will only be issued if you cancel your registration before June 3rd. After that date, registrations can be transferred to another runner. Please let us know if you cannot make a race. See more below!

Common Questions

1. Can I register for some short courses and some long courses?
If you are a series pass holder, you must select whether you will run in the long courses or short courses. There is no mix-matching.
If you are registering for individual races, you may select some short courses and other long courses, but be aware that your points do not get combined. You will have a total number of points in the short series and a total number of points in the long series, limiting your chances for awards.

2. What if I paid for the series pass, but can't make a race?
Please fill out this form as soon as possible, or at least 48 hours in advance if you cannot make a race in the series. This will allow us to open your spot up to an individual race registrant.

3. What if I registered for an individual race, but can't make it?
Same as above! Please fill out this form to let the RD know as soon as possible.

4. What gear is recommended?
Good trail shoes, comfortable running clothes, a hat/sunglasses, sunscreen, a water bottle, smart phone/GPS watch for a course map. Note that there are no aid stations out on course. You must carry your own water/fuel. There is water available at the course start/finish.

2023 Series Results

Congratulations to the Series Winners for 2023! The series points summary is here.

1. Madison Andersen
2. Stephanie Borrie
3. Kristine Spence
1. Michael Spence
2. Skylar McDaniel
3. Kaden Taylor
1. Julia Freimuth
2. Sarah Nardoni
3. Casey Trout
1. Andre Moraes
2. Adam Vognild
3. Nick Benoit

Event's current local time: 12:14 AM MT


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