Thursday, Mar 21, 2024 @ 10:00 AM

Kansas Krazy Train 200


Ottawa, KS Rails to Trails

This Event Took Place Thu. Mar 21, 2024

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Kansas Krazy Train 200

Flat, fast, runner friendly, crew friendly, beautiful trails, generous cutoffs, finish-able, record setting, accessible sleep options, great aid stations, a WILD buckle!!!

A 200 miler with broad appeal!! Whether you are wanting to run your first 200 (and actually finish), see how fast you can run 200 miles, or are an elite wanting to set records then hop on the Krazy Train. Two connected rail-to-trails (Prairie Spirit and Flint Hills) provide the perfect setting to run a flat, fast course with minimal obstacles and plenty of scenery. The Prairie Spirit 100 mile event has been the site of many records since 2013 and will provide the backbone for the certified 200 mile course. The 200 milers will start on Thursday with two out and backs (first west, then east) on the Flint Hills trail before funneling into the 100 mile race on Saturday. This will provide opportunity for more aid and support at the end of the race.

The race will have GPS tracking and the course will be certified 200 miles. The cutoff will be 84 hours. Race start on Thursday at 10am with Sunday 10pm finish.

The logistics of this 200 miler is very intriguing. Unique among 200 mile events, the setup is extremely runner and crew friendly. Runners will have access to their crew for most of the race but there will be plenty of support for those who run without crew as well. Options for sleeping opportunities will be abundant to accommodate many racing strategies. Please review our sleep station and aid station sections and we think you will be impressed.

A full race booklet is coming but the general logistics are described.

300 mile award

Run Kansas Krazy Train and Kansas Rails-To-Trails Extravaganza in a 12 month period (before as a preview or after) and receive a Kansas shaped plaque commemorating your achievement.

If you DNF over a 100 miles you will receive the Flint Hills buckle so you don’t go home completely heartbroken and empty handed.


From Celebration Hall in Ottawa, head 2 miles north on the Prairie Spirit Trail to the Flint Hills intersection. The head 26.75 miles west on the Flint Hills trail to the turnaround. Back to Celebration Hall. Then 2 miles north on PS to the intersection and 20.5 miles east to Osawatomie on the Flint Hills Trail. Back to Celebration Hall. Then south on the Prairie Spirit Trail to Iola and turn around back to Celebration Hall.

Aid Stations

All runners will have at least 8 full aid stations (at least one every 25 miles). There will also be unmanned water stations in between. The race is designed to coincide with the 100 mile prairie spirit race. As such, mid pack runners will be able to utilize those aid stations as well giving them up to 16 full aid stations (times will be listed). Front of the pack and back of the pack may be outside the time windows of some of these extra aid stations but snack foods may still be available but these runners will need to plan accordingly.

Sleep Stations

Hotels- runners may notify race officials at the aid stations of Celebration Hall (hit twice at 57.5, 102.5), Osawatomie (80), Veterans Lake in Garnett (hit twice at 125, 177.5), and Iola (151.25) to sleep at a hotel (and even shower). You must notify race staff before resuming your race. The clock is still running while you rest. Race staff will not provide transportation to or from hotels.

Ottawa- dedicated sleep station. We will set up tents with cots and blankets. You may pitch your own tent in the designated space. You may sleep in your vehicle. Knights Inn is walkable from Celebration Hall. The Holiday Inn is located directly on the trail. Multiple other hotel options exist.

Osawatomie- not a dedicated sleep station. We will have a few cots and blankets. The Landmark Inn and Country Vintage Inn are options.

Garnett Veterans Park- dedicated sleep station. We will set up tents with cots and blankets. You may pitch your own tent in the designated space on Wednesday prior to the race. Hotels- Economy Inn, Garnett Hotel and RV Park

Iola-not a dedicated sleep station. We will have a few cots and blankets. Hotels- Super 8, Regency Inn

Event's current local time: 12:23 AM CT
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