Saturday, Nov 18, 2023 @ 9:00 AM
This Event Took Place Sat. Nov 18, 2023


Well stock with so much food from home-cooked meals, grilling out, breakfast, lunch and dinner and food being donated the community and local restaurants. We will have all the water, soda, Gatorade...hydration to keep going. Coffee, of course!

FAQs for the Race

FAQs for the Race • Where does the race take place?
Belfry High School, 27678 US-119, Belfry, KY 41514.

• When is Packet pickup?
Saturday, November 18, 7:30am til 845am

• Where does the race begin and end at?
It starts and ends on the high school track. Race begins 9:00am and ends 9:00am on Sunday, Nov 19.

Faqs for the Race #2

• What types of hydration will you have at the event?
Water, Gatorade, Pickle juice

• What types of food will you have?
Grab-and-go snacks, soup, sandwiches, grilling out food, food donated, etc. • How does the timing work?
Participants must cross the timing mat to have their laps counted. Each person must wear a timing tag on their shoe and bib at all times during the race. If you plan to change your shoes be sure to put the timing tag on your current shoe you plan to run in.

•Are there porta potties available?
Yes, we will place them along the route

• What kind of phone coverage is in the area?
Verizon and Appalachian wireless

• Do you accept donations?
Yes we do. We would like to create a fund to help put solar lights on the wall and signage along the Conquer the Wall course for walkers, runners, bicyclists.

• Is the race animal friendly?
Very much so!

• Is the course open to traffic?

• Is the course certified?
No, but may plan for the future.

• How's the weather?
Usually the highs are in middle 50s to the high 60s. Evenings are chilly in the 40s or low 30s. Be prepared and dress accordingly.

• Do I need a headlamp?
Yes, we do recommend it and any light source that is bright for others to see such as motorists.

• Where do I park?
Park at the parking lot next to the track

• Can I leave anytime?
Yes, you can leave anytime and come back. Please do not forget your timing tags and bibs.

Faqs for Race #3

• Can I set up an aid station tent from my car How?
Yes, you can and you can also set up a tent on the track

• Can I register the day of the event?
Yes you can. Participants will receive a shirt, finisher's medal, and belt buckle for those who do 100 miles.

• Sleeping
Participants can sleep in their cars or pitch a tent on campus. We are in the process of getting other details established with the school. We will keep you posted. Be sure to pick up your trash.

• Pacers
Each participant in years past has run or walked with others. Our running club has been out there to help as well.

• Who hosts the race?
Tug Valley Road Runners Club and I'm your race director, Alexis Batausa

3 person relay

Run as many desired laps as a 3-person team for the 24/12hr. Each team decides which individual runs each lap. The event will be timed with an ankle bracelet timing tag for the participant. After the participant finishes their desired laps, they give the timing tag to their teammate. Each team must have the timing tag on to record their laps. Please have a designated team captain. We will also have bibs for you to switch out between teammates. The team with the most mileage will be awarded - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

• What's the last call on laps?

The clock will keep going for the 24/12hr. Your time and lap will be tracked when crossing the timing mat for the final time. We know we will have participants still out there getting their last loop. We will also flag wherever you stop when the race ends. We will measure from wherever you stopped to the finish line for your mileage

Price: March 29 - July 9: $80
July 10 - Oct 8: $90
Oct 9 - Nov 17 - $100; Race day: $110
For 12hr relay (July 10- Oct 8) - $80 and (Oct 9 - Nov 18) - $100

Lodging and camping on site?

Still working out the details.

24hr and 12hr Rucksack!

Definitely challenge yourself by bringing your own rucksack for this year's 24/12hr race. See how far you can walk with the amount of weight on your back for 24/12hrs.

The weight of your ruck should be 25 lbs. We will weigh the sacks before the race starts, every 6hrs, and after the race. The person with the most miles for a male and a female will receive a special award.

Participants will wear an ankle bracelet to keep track of their miles. You must wear your ankle bracelet at all times. Definitely, d not forget to put it on when changing your clothes.

New Course

New course for the Black Gold 24hr race (formerly Southern Harvest).

The course begins and ends on the track. It is a 1-mile course that goes around Belfry High School's parking lot. The course is flat and has down hills. Also, we can make it interesting with those hitting 50 miles. You have the option to go in the reverse direction. That part of the course will change by adding two hills to the mix. Participants can choose any way when it comes to them arriving 50 miles.

Black Gold 24hr Endurance Challenge

The Black Gold 24hr and 12hr Endurance Challenge will take place on Saturday, November 18 at 9:00am at our new location, Belfry High School, in Belfry High School. Participants will take on the 1 mile course around Belfry High School's track and around the school parking lot. They will do as many laps possible throughout the 24hrs. The race again begins at 9:00am and ends Sunday at 9:00am.


We will have chip timing to help track each participant when they cross the timing mat. Participants that cross the mat at 8:57am on Sunday morning - will be the last lap.

Porta potties

Porta potties will be place along the course and near start/finish line.

Event's current local time: 2:26 AM ET


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