Saturday, Aug 19, 2023

Palisades Trail Races

Greenwater, WA Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K

This Event Took Place Sat. Aug 19, 2023

Cancelled Event


We will evaluate returning this even to our 2024 calendar when we open registration for next season's events.

Welcome to Palisades!

Now you can run free through the lush forests and summer ridge lines in the PNW starting at Buck Creek Campground at White River. Challenge yourself with a 10k, half or full marathon exploring the beauty of the Palisades Trail. Sunshine, greenery, mountain flowers, motivated friends all supported by the Run Super Series Experience. Oh, and stunning views of our favorite Mountain aren’t sore on the eyes either! Trail running with a little road running care and flare.

We are stoked to host this gem for you.

Course Info

Description: The marathon loop will start and finish at Buck Creek Campground. The first few miles will be run on relatively flat and fast forest roads and single track before beginning a stout climb up deep creek trail. As you rise up deep creek you will enter the old burn scar from the 2017 Norse Peak fires and be greeted to lush new wildflowers growing amongst the charred trees. As you get higher, you will be greeted to amazing views of Mount Rainier. After reaching the top of Deep Creek Trail around mile 8 you will be treated to 5 miles of high ridge line running before beginning the steady descent down the Palisade Trail. You’ll have one last small climb before rolling into the finish line amongst the old growth forests of the White River Valley! The half marathon will follow make the deep creek climb and then descend down the Ranger Creek Trail. The marathon features about 6,000’ of climbing, the half has about 3,700’.

Aid Station Mileage:
Marathon - 4.1, 9.6, 14.5, 21.25
Half - 2.0, 8.25

There is no crew allowed at this race, and there are no drop bags.

Race Day Schedule

Packet pick-up will be at the start/finish line starting at 6:00 AM.
Pre-race briefing at 6:50AM
Races start at 7:00AM
Marathon Mile 14.5 Cut-off at 12:00PM (if you miss this cut-off you’ll be sent down the half marathon course to finish)
Final Cut-off at 4:00 PM (9 hours)


All participants will receive a finishers award (locally made "woodal") a Run Super Series Neck Gaiter and Sticker.

Race Info

Packet Pick-up & Day of Registration:
Yes! We have race day packet pick-up!
No! We do not offer advanced packet pick-up! We are efficient and we don’t want anyone grabbing a bib, waking up and changing their minds, then we look for you all day thinking that you actually ran…

Packet Pick-up will be at the start/finish line located at Buck Creek Campground

All race parking will be at the start/finish line at Buck Creek Campground. You will need to have a NW Forest Pass to park here or pay the Day Use Fee.

Buck Creek Campground is located on SR 410, just a few miles west of the Mount Rainier National Park Entrance Arch. The Forest Road leading to the campground is about 29.5 miles from the Safeway in Enumclaw. Look for parking / event signs!

Course Support

Aid Stations:
Marathoners will have 4 aid stations and half marathoners will have 2 aid stations.

We will have water, Gatorade, candy and various assorted sweet and salty snacks. Our aid stations will be cupless, meaning there are no cups available for water or electrolyte drink (we will use limited cups for soda). All runners will be required to carry a water bottle or other hydration system capable of holding 16oz. of liquid.

Search and Rescue:
Pierce County SAR 4x4 will be monitoring the course to assist runners with any issues or injuries.

Hydration/Water Bottle Requirements:
All runners regardless of distance are required to carry a water bottle or other hydration system that is capable of holding a minimum of 16oz. of fluid. Distances between aid stations will vary between 4-8 miles, so you will need to ensure you have an adequate water supply to get you through these distances.

Trash on the Course:
Anyone seen leaving trash on the trail will be disqualified from the race and banned from any future Run Super Series events. We have an absolute zero tolerance policy for leaving trash on the course! If you pack it in, you are going to have to pack it out. Please hold onto your trash and discard it properly at an aid station. It is NOT acceptable to leave trash anywhere on the course. It is NOT acceptable to leave trash near course markings thinking we are going to pick it up for you. Trash left near trail markings can blow away and end up somewhere where it doesn’t belong. It is a privilege for us to use these amazing trails! Any littering on the course puts our permit at risk for hosting future events. Also, if you see any trash on the course, please be a trail angel and pick it up bring it to the aid station :)

Refund / Deferral / Transfers

All registrations to the race are final. We do not offer refunds or deferral of race entries under any circumstances. Distance upgrades can be made in Ultra Sign-up up to two weeks before the race (you pay the difference in cost). Distance drop-downs can be made in Ultra Sign-up up to two weeks before the race (although with no refund).

Event's current local time: 1:53 AM PT
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