Saturday, Nov 11, 2023 @ 7:00 AM
Registration closes: Wed, Nov 1 @ 11:59PM MT

Route 66 UltraRun

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Route 66 UltraRun. We're glad you're going to sign up to experience "140 Miles of History" and the "Race for Everyone."

This year you can sign up to run the entire 140 yourself (UltraRun Solo) to compete for a finisher's buckle and maybe win the traveling trophy, the Andy Payne Cup. With a 60-hour cutoff, you'll have plenty of time to enjoy all of the beauty and iconic stops along the way. Your basic registration includes the (required) minimum of 2 crew members. If you want to have a 3rd, or even a 4th, crew member, we ask that you pay a nominal fee for each additional crew person. Each crew person should also register for the "0 Mile" race at no cost to them; but they do have to sign the race waiver; you know, the legal stuff.

Or, maybe you and family or friends want to complete in the new Team Relay Division. The choice is yours: do you want to have a 4-, 5-, or 6-person team? Who will be your Team Captain? What size team is the best to be fastest out there on the Historic Route? Or, which one is the most fun? If it's more difficult to manage gear and food for 6 runners, versus 4, is that work worth it to get you to finish line first? Whatever size team you choose, all teams will compete (equally) against each other in the Team Relay Division. It's all about strategy, baby!

For the Team Relay Division we highly recommend, and may require, that you all stay in one vehicle for the entire length of the race. For teams of 5 or 6, we may require a full-size cargo van to ensure there is enough room for everyone to switch off running, driving, and sleeping.

If you sign for a 4-person team, but later want to switch to a 5- or 6-person team (or any change in team size) you may do so up until November 1st. Each runner will have to run a minimum of 4 miles per leg, but there are no designated, required, transition points. Again, the strategy is up to your team.

Whether you run solo, or are a part of team - or you are volunteer, or member of the medical or media team - we know you'll have an amazing experience! It is a Race for Everyone, afterall. As such, everyone - including crew, all team members, volunteers, and even spectators and community members - are welcome to join runners for the first mile of the race, starting at Angel and Thelma's Gift Shop; and everyone must stay together for that first mile, following pace vehicles to the outskirts of Seligman. Cool, right?

Event's current local time: 12:48 PM MT


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