Tuesday, Mar 12, 2024 @ 10:00 AM

Big Al’s 200

9600 Big East Fork Rd

Franklin, TN 200 Miler, 100 Miler

This Event Took Place Tue. Mar 12, 2024

BMFJ Events Newest Edition

We are excited to announce what is possibly one of if not Tennessee’s first 200 miler. Other races have hours and people have hit 200 miles but we are distance specific.

Due to the nature of this event space will be extremely limited. We will offer camp setup rentals for those traveling or looking to make things a bit easier. Named after BMFJ’s daddy and the Jones family farm on Big East Fork rd

If you are familiar with Mid-State or the Tennessee Mile then you know exactly what you are signing up for but there’s a slight twist.

This is a 2 mile loop that shares the same woods as the Murder Mile but with less sinister climbs and descents. Traversing across and alongside beautiful black slate springs and traveling the ridge lines this will show you the beauty of these magical woods. Runners will have 120 hours to complete this challenge.
72 hours for the 100

Runners will be self supported but we will serve breakfast and dinner along with electrolytes and some aid station treats such as broth and soups. There will be water jugs throughout the event.

Runners may leave and return to the race. This is great for local runners looking to tackle a challenge and still make it home for dinner or squeeze in hours at the office.

This will be mostly single track and runners will need to use GPS to log their run. We will have a form of tracking the loops but due to the nature of this event runners will need to verify distance covered.

This will still have a fairly significant amount of elevation gain. Finishers of the 200 will receive a special jacket and buckles. 100 milers will receive buckles.

200 Mile elevation gain 55,000ft
100 Mile elevation gain 27,000ft

Refund Policy

Important note: There will be absolutely no refunds or deferrals given.

Please know when you register for this event, you are donating to covering the costs of bringing all of our trail lovers together. The event is hosted on private land so we will not be relying on Forestry Services or state parks to give us the go-ahead.

We want to bring everyone together with a fun and unique experience all can enjoy. Please know your entry fee is being donated to the human experience and giving those we call friends the gift of a good day in the woods.

If there are proceeds will be donated to helping the Jones family to improve and maintain the property so they can keep you coming back year after year.



We love our furry friends as much as you do but there are other pets that call this home and they aren’t looking to share. If you bring your furry friend you will be asked to take them back to their home. Please don’t make us do that. DO NOT BE THAT PERSON. Runners inform your friends, family and crew of this rule. It is nonnegotiable.

Event's current local time: 12:43 PM CT


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